1. R

    Chrome CoilOver Shocks NOS

    I have 2 brand new pair of NOS Chrome Coil Over shocks. I am selling each pair individually. These are NOS and never have been mounted or used in any way Eyelet centers are 12" The ram is 3/8" The Body is 1 1/8th " $50 pair plus shipping Money order or cashiers check only Please PM if...
  2. J

    wanted cat eliminator parts

    I'm Looking for a set of original rear shocks and tires for a cat eliminator
  3. jeep4me

    Misc Parts

    Got a few misc parts for sale. Pictures posted today after work. Sorry Original bonanza shocks, decent working condition.....$40/pair Comet dual sprocket clutch, #35 chain, 3/4" bore, needs new brass bushing.....$35 Original chain tension adjustment block. Mounts to engine plate, two screws...
  4. Dr. Shop Teacher

    Correct shock length for CAT 400

    The Fur Ball had motorcycle shocks on it. Are 12" the correct length?
  5. R

    Original TACO 44 rear Shocks wanted

    Looking for a set of matching original Taco 44 Rear Shocks Cash or Trading Paid
  6. Jamie1972

    Sebac shocks #2

    Rider quality Sebac Shocks, 1 has ok chrome spring....other is rusty. Decent paint on lower body. Has two CAT correct bolts and nuts. I think these came off of a 69 Gold 400X... 10.00+12.95 shipping.
  7. Jamie1972

    Sebac Shocks

    Rider quality Sebac shocks. Decent chrome decent paint. 20.00+12.95 shipping.
  8. tippycanoenm

    on cl......a real lil indian?

    this looks like it has a bonanza swingarm and shocks mounted to it............
  9. capguncowboy

    Sebac shocks

    Sebac shocks. Fresh paint. They're a little different than standard shocks, as the tubes come all the way up inside the spring. They're about 13-1/2" from tip to tip. One shock says Sebac 14 on the lower eyelet, and the rest say CITE. I'm not sure what they were used on originally, but the...
  10. JohnnyTillotson

    Sears Roper Shocks

    Say peeps, how does one take apart these shocks on the Sears Roper? I twist and turn and screw but nothin comes apart.
  11. xr7gt

    Box 'o parts Fenders shocks etc

    Not sure what the fenders or shocks are off of. $40
  12. manchester1

    Rupp roadster scrambler rear shocks

    I need a pair of rear shocks for a "Rupp Rat" that I am working on. Lots of rust is ok, just as long as they work. They are 13" eye to eye. I'm trying to keep this original, but, it will be rusty.:laugh: Well, maybe a clone.:laugh:
  13. P

    Benelli Volcano rear shocks

    Does anyone know how to disassemble the rear shocks? I need to get the springs off to re-chrome
  14. J


    Could someone please tell me if there is a difference between Cat Eliminator/ Dominator rear shocks? Thank You
  15. CarPlayLB

    Ceriani shocks or parts

    Hello All, I am doing a restomod Taco T100 and need some parts! I had complete Ceriani shocks before I left for a business trip, now I don't! Specifically I am missing the aluminum piece that the rod slides through, the small spring that goes over the rod for rebound, and the nut that holds it...
  16. S

    Shocks for seat mount

    I'm going to be using a couple of these shocks (see link below) to make a more comfortable ride... Don't know if the OldMiniBikes community is familiar with this supplier but they have a lot of useful hardware etc. at reasonable prices...I mostly buy hydraulic parts etc. from them but they also have...
  17. trinik7597

    Bonanza shocks

    set of bonanza shocks and some extra parts $60 shipped not perfect but very good originals :thumbsup:
  18. teetheboss

    custom shocks

    Old picture but thought i post it Custom shocks
  19. C

    Not sure what kind of mini bike I have?

    I am new to this site.I have a mini bike not sure what it is? After looking through hundreds of pictures on various web sites I think I have a 1969 JC Penney/Formost sort of a greenish color everthing seems to be there. I saw one picture of it and it appears that a gentleman named "wayne" the...
  20. trinik7597

    bonanza rear shocks

    a little rough great for parts $20 shipped :thumbsup: