1. S

    New member from Texas, y'all.

    Hi, I just picked up a basket case K&S Hornet mini bike, not sure which model it is, but it has the curvy handle bars and rigid rear end. I'm looking forward to picking through the forum for help/advice/ridicule/etc. Thanks in advance for everyone's help!
  2. Fantic Freddy

    If I only lived in Texas

    https://dallas.craigslist.org/sdf/mcy/6064123932.html Why can't I get over these Honda's? :confused:
  3. 1

    Hello From Magnoiia,Texas

    hello all....new to the site, I just picked a 60's model Bearkat I believe. I'll try to get a photo up soon. hopefully someone around here is familiar w/ this Beast Bike. thanks all
  4. D

    Hello from Texas!

    Just got on here, and enjoy the site. My first mini bikes were a couple of red Rupp Scramblers that my Dad bought for my Brother and I in the spring of '72. Had them until he died in '77 when they disappeared after the locals found out about his death. Anyway, much older now, and just...
  5. G

    Hi from Texas

    Newbe as of yesterday. 75 yrs old with a basket case Baja Warrior that's on the road to recovery. Glad to be "on board".
  6. A

    Wards T-555 in Texas

    Hello All, I'm out of room and need to thin the herd..... I restored this T-555 over the last several years and now need to find it a new home. The powder was done (well) by Trail Performance, the seat by Jimmy Judd, and the engine by Uncle Franks. I reassembled the trike with new...
  7. R

    New here from the Texas Panhandle

    Howdy I'm the new kid from Fritch Tx and I just started a project yesterday and don't have a clue about what I'm doing so just bear with me.I'll try to post a picture of what I have any information will sure appreciated Wow the picture was way to big I'll have to figure it out first
  8. Mravengr

    Salutations from Texas (Howdy)

    Just found this forum and thought it might be of help with a couple of upcoming projects. One is a Power Products AH47 engine that's on my rebuild list. Turns free but carb is rusted pretty bad. Haven't investigated enough to see if it has any spark or much compression. Other project is a Carl...
  9. Bo Diddley

    Fresh Meat from Texas

    Hi everyone, I'm new here, don't have a mini bike yet but I do have some engines. Hope to learn from everyone. Thanks Bo
  10. HappyRyan

    63 LiL Indian takes the trophy...

    Yup! the 1963 LiL Indian rat bike takes the trophy at the Tall City Classic Car and Bike Show, Midland Texas. Just bragging a little... :wink:
  11. Taco Loco Joe

    Tacos made in Texas?

    I bought this Taco 22 today from a guy who was moving and didn't want it. Well you know I want it. He said it was one of the Tacos that were made in Texas. I heard of these before. This was Before Joe Rivello bought the company. Any Taco guys out there know anything about these Texas Tacos? How...
  12. 1

    New Guy, From Texas

    I found this forum looking to learn about vintage Mini Bikes, and then getting one. I am restoring a 1960 Dragmaster Dragster, and want a period correct Mini Bike, to complete the restoration for a pit bike. I know very little if anything about old mini bikes, so it's going to be a complete...
  13. N

    New from Texas

    New to the forum, just signed up today. Relatively new to minibikes also, got my first one probably 6 months ago. It's a rode hard Murray track 2. Since then three Baja doodlebugs have found their way into the garage. It's a growing addiction. I'll have to figure out how to post pictures and try...
  14. Z

    Howdy from Waco Texas

    Hey there! New to the forums. I had a few questions about my MotoVox MBX12 that I'm heavily modifying. Bought it broken, rebuilding it with a 420cc Predator. No pics as of yet. Thanks!
  15. Davidisabeersnob

    Hilltopper frame; central Texas.

    Looking for a hilltopper frame. Doesn't need an engine, just looking for a project.
  16. V

    Texas Ranger - what do you guys think?

    Any thoughts on this bike? It is listed at a 70's model, but the flames paint job does not look original and it has a briggs motor on it. I am looking for an old/vintage bike to get and restore. What do you guys think of this? Thanks, Vex
  17. StratCat

    Another New Guy From North Texas

    Grayson County Texas here. I have been searching for a while for any mini bike to fix up. Stopped in an old mower repair station in Paris Texas one afternoon. Asked if by chance he had any older minis around. He answered NO but I have an old Manco for $50.00. Bought this Big Cat and a go...
  18. J

    Hello from Texas, Jeff West

    Hello from coastal texas , I have been involved with two wheels and gasoline for fifty plus years discovered mini bikes at age eight and the thrill still ain't gone ...... I currently have a taco a doodlebug from the straight frame days and I just got a frame given to me that I can't identify...
  19. fletchman77

    TEXAS May 23 - Showdown at the Hoedown - RACES

    May 23rd 2015 22000 Fairground RD Hempstead TX 77445 Texas Outlaw Minibikes aka TOMB is hosting our first minibike races at the Texas Hoedown. Flat track style in the open arena. Prize money for best costume too. The crazier the better. Bikes must be pull start "traditional" style...
  20. fletchman77

    Texas outlaw mini bikes -- tomb

    Want to invite you Texas guys to check out our group. Based in the Houston/Beaumont area but open to those willing to bring your bikes out and RIDE!!! TOMB is a motivated group of adults crazy about all things minibike. We're putting together rides so check out the group and introduce yourself...