1. A

    Baja Warrior Build

    Hello Everyone! I'm new to oldminibikes, and although I've built a few small engines and had a few projects, this will be my first true "mini bike". My mini bike adventure started a month ago when I decided I wanted another fun little project that I could build/thrash and rebuild for fairly...
  2. M

    Baja Front Fork Fender Mount

    How hard would it be to weld one of these on? Mine has broken off and no longer have the mount, but would like to put a fender on the front of it.
  3. M

    Baja Warrior Kickstand Mount

    I have two Baja Warriors. One is missing the kickstand mount/bracket on the frame and the other has no mount for the front fender. The one with no fender also has some bent forks/arms for the pegs, but so far I don't think this has any effect on newer ones functioning properly (the current ones...
  4. M

    WANTED: Price Estimate Baja Warrior Front Forks

    Title says it all - need an approximate of what these might cost? Should I just look for a new frame altogether?
  5. A

    Baja MB200

    Doing a restoration on a MB200 frame I picked up. I planned on making the gas tank up top functional (instead of decorative) and removing the gas tank off the motor. After seeing some pictures, I do not like the way way it looks and leaves so much space down there when using a 212cc. So I...
  6. S

    ISO Mini Baja Bikes

    Like mb200's or warriors. Rolling Bikes or complete, doesn't matter to me.
  7. Possom point

    Baja Heat project

    Hey everyone, I picked this up the other day from CL for a good deal!!! $75. Not bad I don't think. Runs but has a few issues with it. At the time of pic I had the seat off and the handle bars turned down Here's my problem, I did a carb job today. Took it completely apart...
  8. A

    baja doodle bug conversion project

    does any one know where to get a conversion kit to a 6.5hp engine for a doodle bug?:scooter:
  9. S

    First Baja Mini Bike (Help!)

    New to the forum, can anyone help identify what Model this Baja Mini Bike is? I picked it up the other day and I believe it is a Dirt Bug, but do not know the model number or when it may have been manufactured. It has a Briggs & Stratton 3.5 hp motor model 91212-0189. I can see two different...
  10. aranhawaii

    Pair of Baja Blitz - Bikes #3 and 4

    Having completed bike #2, the Baja Racer, I got a pair of Baja Blitz bikes today from someone here in Oregon off CL. Is there a difference between the Baja Racer and the Baja Blitz? It doesn't look like it at a glance. :confused: Gonna call them Thing 1 and Thing 2 from The Cat in the Hat.
  11. ludicrous speed

    things to be Aware of with Baja Warrior bikes > picture Heavy

    i noticed there wasnt a Sticky about these bikes. hopefully this may become one. this topic is directed more to the Used baja warriors/mini warriors that are still bought and sold everyday, rather than the redesigned brand new ones now. first off,is the frames. these were welded Badly...
  12. FOMOGO

    Baja Warrior Wheel Bearings

    Anybody have a source for the wheel bearings for a Warrior? I followed a link I found on this forum or another forum, I cant remember which, to a set of bearings that were supposed to fit. Got them and they were way to small. I don't have a good bearing house near me so it looks like online...
  13. M

    Baja Doodlebug clutch cover

    Any pointers to a clutch/chain cover that will work with my Doodlebug with a Honda GC160? Will the OEM Baja cover work?
  14. james ackerman

    Baja racer new or older model?

    Thinking about buying a Baja racer mini bike. Dont know much about them. Does anyone know if the racer is a newer or older model or have they always made them? Looking for a little history lesson here guys.
  15. aranhawaii

    Green DB30 Baja Racer w/212cc

    Hi all... looks like I have found project #2. It's a Baja Racer (DB30) that I'm going to put a 212cc Predator on. This is a DB30-S, right? Here are some photos: Obviously, I have not worked with this frame or engine before, so any advice you all have will be HUGELY helpful. Here goes...
  16. B

    baja custom mb200

    Restored a minibike i picked up.
  17. M

    Baja MB200 Brake assembly shattered?

    The brake assembly shattered on my 1 month old Baja MB200 today. Not really sure what happened, I pulled the break lever, and the whole aluminum assembly shattered and sent shards of metal everywhere. The brakes were terrible to begin with, so I was wondering if there was a Honda brand drum...
  18. R

    97cc baja wont idle

    ok the motor is a 97CC Baja. i cant get it to run with out the choke. itll start fine and will idle kind of high, so ill turn the idle screw down to where its idling well but sometimes as soon as i touch the choke a hair to take it off itll either stall or idle really low. i just cleaned the...
  19. daddio65

    Baja rear fender wanted

    Probably have had this asked 1 million times, but I am looking for a rear fender for my Baja Warrior metallic green in color and part # WR65-102 I would like the metal one please and in decent shape. Thanks a ton. Jeff
  20. R

    Any off-the-shelf front brakes for the Baja Heat? Or an upgrade for the rear?

    Now that the go part is working well, I need to think about more whoa. That rear drum is ok for 25mph but I feel it's sketchy at 40mph.:scared: I'm not opposed to buying a parts bike just for the brakes. What should I look for? Thanks!