1. Studeman68

    Best Racing Baja Ever...

    LOL The Best Racing Baja Warrior Mini Bike Ever Made | eBay
  2. E

    New Baja Carb

    So I received an aftermarket replacement carb from, and the carb I received is missing the port on the front (the one that the spacer gasket has a cutout for). The port is pictured on the website, so my question is, was I sent the correct carb? Every image or video I've seen for the...
  3. E

    MB 165 Carb: What Gives?

    I just bought 2 baja warrior mb200's with what I believe are mb165 engines. The bikes were used hard and I've slowly been fixing them up. I finally got to cleaning the carbs and when I pulled the first on off I discovered that the bowl was held on by what looks like a rivet rather that the...
  4. D

    2 year old Baja Mini Engine Problems

    My bike has sat all summer because the pull start was broken. Well I finally fixed it and when I went to crank it up, I cannot get it to start for the life of me. My friend was messing with it last year when all these issues happened and after he came back from a ride one day, the bike was going...
  5. IJG

    Rear Chain guard for 2005 Baja Doodlebug db30s

    Baja Doodlebug DB30S chain guard.

    Southbound tire on a North bound Baja.

    The rear tire on my Baja is going south, and driving North doesn't help. The Knobs are actually starting to separate from the tire. It almost looks like someone cut around them with an exacto knife. At first I thought a few goat heads were causing a slow leak,so I threw in a can of fix a...
  7. R

    Bulb Replacement on Baja 196cc

    Just ordered new bulbs for my 2010 bikes. Does anyone know the best way to get the headlight apart?
  8. 20160515_204725


  9. M

    Baja dirt bug carb help!

    Hey folks. Im new to engines but just got a generator, lawn mower, and chainsaw working. I now have a mini bike im trying to bring back to life. I pulled the carb apart and soaked and cleaned it out. The carb has a mix screw on the float bowl which is new for me. I pulled every screw out of the...
  10. Cap'n kanuckles

    Baja 6.5 hp Minibike JACKSHAFT assembly

    Works good $35 shipped
  11. C

    how to id what baja i have?

    i have i believe to be a baja mb165 or mb200 I'm not sure all labels are missing and its black with a 6.5 hensim
  12. L

    Original 70 tooth baja OEM doodlebug rear sprockets - Used 2x

    29.99 each - shipped pictures are of both sides, slight signs of use, straight and true payment through paypal, thanks :thumbsup:
  13. A

    Baja Doodle bug 97cc carb/governor problem

    I know this has been asked more than once but I can't seem to get this engine to run right. I bought this doodle bug on Craig list and the guy I bought it from said it ran before he took the carb off. He gave me the old carb and linkage in a plastic bag. I put a new carb on it and put the...
  14. ugmold

    Baja jackshaft mounting question

    Today I got a couple of master links so I can install the chain. Clutch to jackshaft-no problem. Jackshaft to rear sprocket doesn't seem right. The front sprocket looks angled and with engine mount bolts loose doesn't seem to want to align straight. I am wondering if does the jackshaft assembly...
  15. ugmold

    Baja re-assembly handlebar risers

    Re-assembling the handlebar risers I seem to remember the thick conical washers being on the underside of the top triple tree. Flat the holes don't line up, cone side up they will work but doesn't seem right. I can't seem to upload photos at the moment, don't know if it is on my end. But...
  16. ugmold

    Baja headstock bearings

    I repainted my Baja's fame and I am reassembling. The bearings in the headstock were dirty so I didn't realize there were 2 sizes. I cleaned them up and put the larger on the bottom. When i was snugging it up I noticed the ball bearings were visible on the lower. Pulled it apart and put the...
  17. dogfoot

    Baja 200 what volt ?

    What volt is the Baja 200? I want to add a tail light. thanks --- Dog
  18. M

    Baja MB200 Frame This is just the frame for this model right? Will 165 parts work on it?
  19. gran_pann

    mini baja, baja heat, baja warrior front forks

    Hi all, Have noticed that the seal is going bad around the forks and some fluid is leaking out. I am wanting to replace the forks, or at least replace the seal(s). This is present on two of my mini bikes. I have done a bunch of searching (OldMiniBikes, monster scooter parts, etc) all retailers say...
  20. W

    Baja Racer=Throttle to Governor Spring Replacement

    Hi All - I was referred to this forum by Victoria at OldMiniBikes Warehouse customer service. My problem is I picked up a Baja Racer that is missing a spring that attaches to the throttle lever and the governor. I am having a hell of a time trying to find this spring or getting any tech support from...