1. boondocks1953

    Check out these little artic cats in spokane

    2 1972 Artic Cat Man I wish I had disposable income!! Should would like a couple little kitty cats like these.:drool: But oh well I guess someone else will get to have fun instead of me:censure:
  2. C

    check this out!

    Go to my photos, and check out a bike that is not restored but redesigned.
  3. 5

    Check out this minibike !!!!!

    YouTube - Honda GX 670 V2 Bad Pig Midi Bike bessere Qualität
  4. J

    Anyone ever check out Phil Little Racing .com

    Phil Little Racing - Vintage Racing Mini Bikes This guy has some cool Minibike products. I believe he is also one of our sponsors. You guys should check him out. :thumbsup:
  5. oldschoolmbrida

    Check this out

    i found this and i thought id share it with you guys pretty neat stuff Google Image Result for thats the link
  6. bayareaburrito

    You Gotta Check This Out!!

    Still a day left to place your bid:hammer: NOS TECUMSEH MINIBIKE ENGINE 3.5HP WITH ORIGINAL BOX - eBay (item 110348560628 end time Feb-12-09 20:10:56 PST)
  7. deezildennis

    Like MiniBike History? Check this out!!

    A few months ago I Found a Hound Dog Minibike. It looks just like the one below.. I Had to store it at my Families farm until I can get some room up here. Anyhow..... I Got to looking at the Tag on the front of the fork plate. It Says. "Dave Gratton and Sons.... San Dima's CA" So...
  8. Sinner70

    Check out this video

    came across this on Youtube and thought it was great. I love the mini bike that is built to do wheelies....what do you think? YouTube - Homemade Mini-Bikes And Go-Karts
  9. M

    Check out my alexander reynolds i just redid!!!

    Heres a alexander reynolds bike i redid today. I got the seat doin and got new chrome shocks and blue metalic paint. I still have stuff to put on it but in almost doin. How much you guyz think its worth in the condition its in right now with no engine. I might consider selling it. Thanks
  10. markus

    check this engine out

    I did some generic searches but did not come up with anything other than its a Jacobson and its from around 1944 Its a WWII signal core backpack genorator, supposed to be 22lbs, it feels heavier than that! used by paratroopers. Yea it looks pretty nasty but it turns over smooth and has kick...
  11. jeep4me

    Check out this guys CL posting....

    This dude has a ton of shtuff....all for only $2500 or B/O. literaly TONS!!! of vintage Mini Bikes best offer buys em
  12. E

    new member check in

    hello folks, joe here from augusta, ga. just checking in to say hello and show my new project. acquired this from my neighbor earlier today. i had one that was similar as a kid. no stickers are on this little hot rod, does anyone know what brand it is? i searched through the galleries to no...
  13. smallbikes88

    ok this makes me mad! check it out

    I ended up trading my z50 with side carfor the cl350 and the guy also gave me 100 bucks too, he keeped saying how he wanted the bike for his grandson and was gonna keep it. Well its now on ebay for a hefty price! 250340386020
  14. ohman11

    Check this out

    What a wild looking thing
  15. bikerboybenny8

    Check This Out Looking for some suggestions on how to build this. Anyone have a 2 horse engine for sale? Can anyone draw up some plans???
  16. Z

    Check this doodle bug out!

    Well i just finished puting my 5hp briggs on my doodlebug, and WoW what a difference in power! ive noticed just about everyone putting the 6.5HP conversion kit on theres and i wanted something a little different. The engine barely fit and to get it in there, i had to bend the rear fender mount...
  17. B

    check this cushman out

    1956 Cushman-Davidson Harley Sportser powered i saw this ad in the portland craigslist thought somebody might get a kick out of it
  18. Z

    check this briggs out!!!

    picture the worst looking briggs engine ever. the cover was all rusted, the engine had terrible paint, its home was out side for years, no sparkplug in it, so water, snow got in, gas tank is filled with gunkm all the aluminum looks like thers no life left in this engine, well look what ive been...
  19. smallbikes88

    kenny i found it check out this video!

    YouTube - Dillon Mini Gun on Monster Garage