1. old shed finds

    Briggs 3-5 HP Updraft Carb Fuel Bowl Needle Jet leak.

    Hello Guys.. Anybody fight the briggs 3-5 HP Updraft Fuel Bowl flooding? Horizontal Tote Gote 5 HP Engine, The Float was tested Hours under Gas to check for leak and passed ,,, We think it Is leaking at our needle valve fitting gasket.Anybody else have this problem?
  2. C

    Fuel tank mounted

  3. 1stBxMopar

    Predator 212 Fuel Tank

    New fuel tank removed from a Hemi Predator 212, never had gas in it.....$20. shipped
  4. Dan-E-boy

    Fuji Go-Devil petcock / fuel valve

    looking for a petcock for a fuji motors go-devil.. i was trying to pull off the old stiff fuel line and pulled a little to hard:doah: the small section that the fuel line goes over came of with it.. so im hoping to find another original part... something that fits would be great for now too...
  5. Radford46

    Super Bronc fuel tank

    I need a Super Bronc fuel tank if any of you have a spare.
  6. L

    Tillotson dumping raw fuel

    My brand new Tillotson 304WX Alcohol carb is dumping raw fuel. I installed it the other day and all it did was dump fuel out the breather. So, I took it apart and cleaned and it's still doing it. I can turn the Low screw all the way in and it still runs. The high screw starts to lean it out if I...
  7. Twid

    Fuel pump?

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of running a fuel pump?
  8. gumpit

    Fuel pump mounting/position

    Walbro Fuel Pump | Go Kart | Mini Bike Does it matter how this is mounted? Does it have to stand up or can it lay flat? Can it be at an angle? Should it be below the tank or above? How much venting does the fuel cap need to compensate so there is no vacuum?
  9. B

    can i use fuel line on valve cover

    lost the rubber tube can i use some fuel line or will it melt
  10. B

    can i use inline fuel filter on valve cover tube

    i can or no please help
  11. thejoker

    Replacement Rupp fuel cap for sale.

    It's not a perfect match. The top is a little wider. Every thing else is the same size. $30 shipped paypal only add three percent or send as a gift.
  12. V

    Should this work? fuel line inlet problem.

    Its a two stoke and the engine is not from this bike. Its a KT43 kawasaki 110cc that I got from CL. I cant get it to run without starting fluid. It has fresh gas and fresh 2 stroke oil mixed in. Brand new spark plug. I know its not getting fuel and I have the gas line valve open when Im trying...
  13. brentintheway

    Wanting to repurpose something for a fuel tank. ideas?

    Like the title says I'm wanting to repurpose something for a fuel tank. like maybe an old fire extinguisher or mason jar. maybe not a mason jar but you get the picture. :doah: anyone done this or have ideas? pictures?
  14. JohnnyTillotson

    Fuel inlet swap?

    Old carb had right angle inlet. Fuel line cut to fit perfectly New carb has straight inlet Fuel line not gonna reach. Can i swap these inlets?
  15. bountyhunter

    Carb leaking fuel

    My daughters db30 started leaking fuel this weekend around the base where the carb and head meet. I took it of and it appears to be coming out of a tiny hole on the carb. Any ideas as why? Thanks in advance
  16. JohnnyTillotson

    Main fuel needle fine or replace?

    Would you just stick the bottom one back in the carb or would u change it anyway. In comparing it with the replacement i dont see much of a difference at all. I dont see an edge or squaring off at the tip the way the manual shows whens its bad. I just feel the original parts are better than...
  17. Davidisabeersnob

    Fuel tank breather and throttle linkage

    So this has more than likely been asked, but a search wasn't producing results. I'm using a different fuel tank for my 212, as well as an angled air filter. With that being said, it leaves two useless hoses... One that ran from the top of the fuel tank and the hose that goes from the old air...
  18. J

    Wanted Trail Hourse Fuel Tank

    Here we go,,,Tail Horse fuel tank, Thank you....Joe
  19. bountyhunter

    WTB New or used cylinder fuel tank

    Looking for a 3x8 cylinder fuel tank or something around that size. Thanks:thumbsup: