1. Ceramic motorcycle

    Ceramic motorcycle

    Ceramic motorcycle
  2. Ceramic motorcycle

    Ceramic motorcycle

    Ceramic motorcycle
  3. Ceramic motorcycle

    Ceramic motorcycle

    Ceramic motorcycle
  4. Ceramic motorcycle

    Ceramic motorcycle

    Ceramic motorcycle
  5. 2

    Restoring and repainting fairings on motorcycle

    Not exactly mini bike themed, that's why its in off topic, but I know you guys take your builds serious, and know your stuff. I don't have a hvlp gun, or a primer gun, nor money to either acquire said tools, or pay for a pro spary. However, I am good with a rattle can....that said has...
  6. Aston jag

    Which mounting points to use on motorcycle style engine?

    I an getting ready to mount a 125cc Loncin engine/transmission on my minibike. I know the two lateral holes can be used, but there are also four threaded holes on the bottom of the engine. They are space quite close together and I wonder if they are meant to take all of the load if used as the...
  7. andy richter

    noob - 7hp briggs motorcycle build - drivetrain and ride-ability Q's

    clutch or cvt? looking for a top speed ~ 70mph, gear ratio of 5-1? rear tire diameter will be ~ 26" flathead engine will have governor removed, mikuni carb and header - not trying to break 5k rpm's will be used for fun commuting and country road cruising because this will be driven on public...
  8. Docdc

    International Motorcycle Show in Cleveland

    I had to laugh when I saw the drift trike there. There was a nice 5hp Briggs motor on there. I so wanted to run that thing around the facility. I wanted to run the Street Glide around too. lol! Doc
  9. chatten63

    trip to Barber motorcycle museum

    Stopped here at the museum on the way down to the lower Alabama get together. Here are a few pics I took will down there. I always thought the original doodlebug came with a Briggs but they also came with a Clinton motor. I took picture of documentation on it but it didn't come out good. The...
  10. M

    Harrison Minibike 10 HP B&S Cast Iron Motorcycle Carb Torque Converter Springer

    You are looking at a Harrison Minibike. It is set up with a Briggs and Stratton 10 HP Cast Iron engine. I had the shaft machined down to accept a 3/4" Comet torque converter clutch. It uses number 35 chain. I mounted a motorcycle type carburetor. It has a manual choke and it starts easily and...
  11. Acolytus

    New 1974 Yamaha DT 175 Enduro

    Well my dream came true and I bought an enduro finally! Only 8,000+ miles on it! 1974 Yamaha DT 175 Enduro with a 5-speed manual and clean title! Can't wait to ride it in the street!
  12. Ding Ding

    Mini Bike & Motorcycle Decanters

    These are for sale near me. They are kind of odd, thus making them kind of cool. They come with handlebars that look like they actually mount to the decanters. Cool pictures on the boxes. Check it out. Motorcycle & Mini-Bike Decanters
  13. T

    UMT- Utility Motorcycle Tractor

    So let me quickly introduce myself. I'm from Slovakia (Europe) toolmaker by trade and last 5 day totally addicted on Minibikes. I never know that something like that exist and now I'm all over this "madness". So that's me :thumbsup: Now get to the point and that crazy topic. Why I love...
  14. Dr. Shop Teacher

    Correct shock length for CAT 400

    The Fur Ball had motorcycle shocks on it. Are 12" the correct length?
  15. jbrewton

    Shipping help for motor from in or around Bakersfield?

    Got a potential buy in area code 661, anyone willing to be intermediate helper and ship a motorcycle motor from CA to Colorado? If I can't persuade the seller? Thanks, Jim
  16. philbo

    Motorcycle or scooter front wheel for a Baja Warrios?

    Hi guys, thanks in advance for any suggestions! Does anyone know if there is a direct swap of a motorcycle wheel and tire combo that will fit directly on the front forks of a Baja Warrior? Just wondering as I see some cheap wheels on craigslist and thought I could get a street tire at the...
  17. SimpleTom

    Finally got myself a motorcycle

    Surprisingly I've never owned an actual motorcycle. About a week or so ago a guy I know at one of the suppliers I pick up parts at asked me if I knew anyone interested in an old Yamaha. I asked how much? He told me for you $100. He stopped riding it when he had kids. He said it ran fine when he...
  18. N

    Predator engine on motorcycle frame?

    Well, at my scrap yard they have cheap stuff and I saw an old motorcycle. It looked like it was pretty lightweight It probably won't run, but my though was that it might be cool to put a Predator 212 in it Can this be done easily? With a good mount will it work good? Enough power...
  19. Oregon Vintage Motorcyclists Ride/Show/Swap Meet: Corvallis OR, 17-18 May 2

    Oregon Vintage Motorcyclists Ride/Show/Swap Meet: Corvallis OR, 17-18 May 2

    Oregon Vintage Motorcyclists Ride/Show/Swap Meet: Corvallis OR, 17-18 May 2014
  20. MoTo-BunnY

    Oregon Vintage Motorcyclists Ride/Show/Swap Meet: Corvallis OR, 17-18 May 2014

    May 17 - 18, Sat / Sun: Corvallis Ride, Show and Swap Meet Saturday: Ride, 12 Noon, Benton County Fairgrounds, Corvallis, OR. Sunday: Show and Swap Meet. OFFICIAL SITE: OVM Events Calendar LOCATION: Benton County Fairgrounds 110 SW 53rd St, Corvallis, OR ‎ (541) 766-6521 ‎ ·...