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    Engine mounting plate done
  2. creia

    What minibikes had angled engine mounting plates?

    I know that some Rupp, Fox, and Speedway bikes had engines mounted at an angle. Were there any other brands that did this? Michael
  3. buckeye

    Mounting a fuel pump question.

    I have to add a fuel pump to my build and do not want to drill holes in the frame. What options are there for mounting a Walbro pump? Can they be mounted vertical vs horizontal? Or does that matter? Thanks in advance.
  4. Midyrman

    Bonanza BC Tecumseh Exhaust Pipe, Guard and Mounting Bracket

    Exhaust pipe and guard and mounting bracket Pipe has new chrome from Space Coast Plating. Slotted end perfect. No scratches etc. Pictures are hard to take of chrome without shadows, reflection etc. Near perfect piece. NOS guard. Near perfect condition as you can get. Original 2 piece...
  5. 72shriek

    Briggs v Tec mounting

    Forgive the basic question here, I've been away from small engines and mini bikes for twenty years. Do most of the small engines have a common mounting pattern or are Tecumseh totally different from Briggs small engines? The current cobbled up plate in my Shrike is set for a Briggs I/C 4...
  6. jeep4me

    West Bend 820 engine mounting stand

    I'm in need of an engine mounting bracket/stand for a West Bend 820 motor. Any leads or info on where to get one, would be greatly appreciated.
  7. PatrickCraik

    Mounting Predator On A Tilted Plate

    Hi,Will a Predator run correctly if mounted on an angle like in a Rupp or an MTD? Will the carb or exhaust need to be modified? Thanks
  8. Aircooled

    Slotting the engine mounting plate

    Hi guys, Just have a quick question. I'm getting ready to mount a Predator 212 to my bike. Of course it will entail drilling 4-holes in the plate...or the other option would be the aluminum adapter plate...but would like to save a few scheckles. I'd like to keep the engine mounting adjustable...
  9. ugmold

    Baja jackshaft mounting question

    Today I got a couple of master links so I can install the chain. Clutch to jackshaft-no problem. Jackshaft to rear sprocket doesn't seem right. The front sprocket looks angled and with engine mount bolts loose doesn't seem to want to align straight. I am wondering if does the jackshaft assembly...
  10. Aston jag

    Which mounting points to use on motorcycle style engine?

    I an getting ready to mount a 125cc Loncin engine/transmission on my minibike. I know the two lateral holes can be used, but there are also four threaded holes on the bottom of the engine. They are space quite close together and I wonder if they are meant to take all of the load if used as the...
  11. derekbmn

    **~Original White Paint Tecumseh Air Cleaner Housing Mounting Plate~**

    As the title says....Looking for a good condition Original White Paint Tecumseh Air Cleaner Housing Mounting Plate For an H25,30,35. (No Offset). Will take a whole air cleaner housing assembly if need be. Please PM me.....Thanks in advance :thumbsup:
  12. Fox Brake Caliper and Mounting Hardware.

    Fox Brake Caliper and Mounting Hardware.

    Fox Brake Caliper and Mounting Hardware with Flanged bushings for flotation.
  13. B

    Monster Moto 212 predator engine mounting help

    Hi, I have a Monster Moto MMB80 and a HF 212 predator engine. I have modified the air box, removed the front oil drain plug to place a set screw in the hole to allow more clearance. I believe that I have the engine in the correct place, I have check the alignment of the chain and everything...
  14. B

    212cc clone mounting question.

    Will there be any problems mounting, and running, a 212 Predator with a forward lean like the old B&S and Tecumseh engines?
  15. H

    Mounting a Bike Sprocket on a Stepper Motor

    I have a stepper motor with a 18 mm shaft and a 6mm keyway cut into the shaft. I want to mount a sprocket on the motor shaft that can use a bicycle chain. The chain my bicycle sprocket will use is 1/2" pitch by 1/8" width. I believe this chain is also known as ANSI 43. My problem is that so...
  16. Danny01

    tire mounting

    are there any tire shops that will mount the tires on my minibike?
  17. OND

    # PICS of a TACO Clutch Cover Mounting Bracket ? #

    Has anybody got a pic of the TACO clutch cover mounting bracket ? Thanks in advance..
  18. jeffe

    Triple plate handlebar mounting geometry ?

    I'm not sure if this matters, or if I would notice the difference, but I was just drawing up the triple plate design for my fat tire bike and got to wondering... If the triple plates have offset built in (the fork tubes forward of the pivot point) should the handle bars be mounted in line...

    For Sale Tecumseh recoil cover back mounting plate HS40

    For Sale ,I have a early 70's HS40 back plate with throttle hookup,this came off a Ruttman from the early 70's. $25.00 plus $10.00 shipping Paypal Gift option :thumbsup:
  20. bikerboybenny8

    Mounting a Jacobsen engine?

    Anyone had any experience with throwing Jacobsen engines on mini bikes? I've got a Jacobsen J-321 engine I wanna put on a bike, it's got a Walbro carb on it.. Any feedback is appreciated