1. thesualc

    Cat 250x project

    This cat 250x was my fathers and we recently pulled it out of his old basement. My plan is to clean everything up and get it running again, eventually giving it to my son when he's old enough. I've done some disassembly and poking around to start to get an idea of what I think I am up against...

    Vintage Taco 44

    Pretty excited to start this one. Will do my best to make it a twin to my build off bike last year so I will be basically doing all the same steps. Seat from manchester1, burnished wheels from cambo61, original purple paint, and a nice rebuilt 80202 3hp Briggs.
  3. W

    need help identifying to restore

    Bought this from an old tweeker at work, he didn't know what the make and model is but he said it used to have an electric motor as well as the current two-cycle engine that's on it. It runs but i would like to restore it can anyone help ID this thing?
  4. M

    Need help with a Roper Mini bike restore.

    I recently picked up Roper Mini bike from a local guy. It came as part of a deal to get what i wanted and the more I look at it the more I like it. I am hoping someone has a manual, schematics or blueprints so i know what I am missing and what I need to at least get the Wheels and brakes...
  5. K

    Restore old sprocket

    Anyone know a good method to clean this sprocket up? (steel) WD40/Brake Cleaner/Degreasers only go so far. wire disc on a drill, or a solution to let it soak in for a few days?
  6. FloridaMiniBikes

    Tecumseh H50 for Parts, Repair or Restore

    Tecumseh H50 65540V {E} 5088R Crank is rounded? Bought a go kart years ago with this on it, doubt if it was original. Go kart long gone. Took off head to inspect the cylinder, (OK) but that was 20 years ago, Shed has since eaten the head, like a sock in the dryer. Great for parts or...
  7. M

    RUPP 1970 Enduro not a restore but trying to make more MINE.

    Hello all I been reading through more of the builds here, well RUPP builds and all I can say is wow. I wish I had the money and skills to make mine look this good. Im first trying to make it complete and run then I'll work on making it nicer, or more MINE, as I said in opening line. I already...
  8. J

    69 Rupp Roadster. Restore or keep original?

    Should I restore my 69 Roadster or keep it original. I know it's original only once.
  9. buckeye

    Ogy's Fox Campus Restore

    I was lucky enough to get some sneak peeks into the master in action. Absolutely beautiful. And to think, he is building 10. Thanks for sharing Ogy!!
  10. J

    Wanted tecumseh 3.5 to 5 hp engine wanted for vintage mini bike restore

  11. CaptNugget

    2 new unknown mini bikes... Sears roper?

    Got 2 new mini bikes from a co-worker. I think one is a Sears roper and other I'm not sure. Both need restored. I figured I'd paint em, slap a predator engine in them and give them to my two nephews (5 and 7) for Christmas and give my cousin and her husband a first aid kit so they're not left...
  12. bwherry1721

    Desperate Need for Briggs and Stratton 8 HP Engine for my Sportsman 700 Restore

    Hello I am restoring a Sportsman 700 I have run into a snag. The original Briggs and Stratton 7.5 HP engine has a crack in the block and cannot be used. I am so close to finishing the...
  13. The Airman

    Powell model H restore

    Hi all. My first post here although I have been lurking here for years. This site was invaluable for helping me keep my old Rupp going. So it was time to move on, and I bought this Powell H model from a fine gentleman in California. It's serial number is 6057-H. So in my spare time...
  14. B

    Best why to restore wheels

    I just got my Cheeftah stripped down and want to redo the wheels before new rubber. What's the best why? Soda , sand, or glass blasting with a clear coat.
  15. NotAStain

    Minibike for sale or restore

    Does anyone kno who sell Minibikes old vintage in St. Louis are? Or close??
  16. bwherry1721

    Sportsman 700 Restore Update April 3, 2016

    Hello Restore project on my Sportsman 700 is going great. Now that the weather is heating up in Colorado we have almost completed our painting of the frame etc. Here is my prior post and here are the new pictures. Very excited as we are getting close to completing the restore...
  17. G

    Arctic Cat Restore

    Making progress on my Arctic Cat project. At least now it's starting to look like an Arctic Cat. I'm going to make it a Climber or at least as close as I can for now. It would be nice to restore back to a Screamer, maybe one day. I have a Briggs 5hp engine for it. Eventually I'd like to find the...
  18. rustysjohnson

    Heald Inc VT-3 or 5

    Pulled this from some tall weeds near an abandoned railroad track south of Crawfordsville, IN. I've known it's there for 15-20 years, I saw it while riding 4 wheelers. Not far from where they run the "Iron Man" competition. Well, I was back out that way a couple weeks ago and on a whim -...
  19. Acolytus

    1969 Manco Delta One Chopper almost ready to ride!

    Well I got some good news today! I finally found a motor that will fit on my chopper (even though it's newer) and it runs great! The engine is from a Baja Warrior (196cc) and pushing 6.5 HP I believe. I put a Predator 212cc recoil start on it and started it up! I need to get the right air filter...
  20. C

    Canadian Climber Restore

    Hello all some of you may have seen my intro thread. but here is the restore thread this restore will be done most by my son who is currently 11 years old this is what he started with