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    Sold General Lee minibike without GX160 engine. New owner mounted a Robin engine.
  2. B

    Vintage Robin 2.5hp 2 stroke engine

    I have this really cool vintage robin 2.5hp 2 stroke engine Engine has tons of compression and spark and I have bench tested it and it runs great. Engine is complete ready to bolt on. $300 shipped
  3. B

    Fuji robin kn24 2.5hp need throttle cable?

    I just got this cool robin kn24 engine. It's complete but I need a clutch and throttle cable , any ideas where I can buy them. Thanks
  4. markus

    wisconson Robin WR-145 carb conversions???

    I picked up a beater bike the other day. Its got a Wisconsin engine on it, I think its a 4.5 horse. It has a runability issue, It fired up easy makes great power, no smoke, and super quiet. BUT its missing an air cleaner assy, it will only run with the choke almost fully closed, and the...
  5. Mac

    Robin Kickstarter ?

    What kind of vehicle could this have been used on? Similar to the Hegar IV Products "Kik-Start"
  6. ludicrous speed

    robin echo power bee kohler and wisconsin motors Pic Heavy !!

    i picked up around a half a tractor trailer load of motors this am out of a storage trailer. but....i cant find these online,so i fear i may have bought a piker load.:doah: heres the pics,does Any of this stuff work on mini bikes? thanks in advance. the load consisted of...
  7. Oyster Bay Man

    Robin subaru kart throttle hook up

    I've never been able to find the solution to hooking up a Robin Subaru EX21's throttle to a kart. Has anyone ever done this? Is there a link to some good instructions for this or a bracket I can buy that hopefully mounts easily on the motor? I've googled around with not much luck. Great...
  8. SimpleTom

    Robin Williams died today

    Sounds like it was suicide. :sad: I always loved his dramatic characters more than the funny ones. Moscow on the Hudson, Awakenings and Dead Poets Society were some of my favorites.
  9. Dandan111

    Robin ey28 -to big

    Been working towards a upgrade for my tractor. Going from my tecumseh h60 to a nice robin ey28 7.5 hp. It's to big. The muffler and air filter hit the hood. I bought a small velocity stack and a snapper header pipe that I think will bolt on. (Not here yet) Am I opening a can of worms with...
  10. A

    robin antique mini bike engine

    does any one know where i can get a robin antique minibike engine 2.5. wanted to buy cost and shipping to australia. Thanks
  11. M

    Subaru Robin ex13 reaper mini chopper

    Subaru ex13 4.5 hp horizontal shaft Saving a long winded paragraph listed above is what engine i have. My needs are to go 45mph, options to have electric start, available parts to upgrade or replace. Im willing to learn how to re work the gearing and will need to learn about the govenor. Any...
  12. I

    Wisconsin robin engines

    Anybody got any old wisconsin robin engines for sale or trade in orlando or Florida area 3-5hp models pm me thanks.....:out:
  13. Dandan111

    Robin Subaru

    I want a engine for my garden tractor and ran across a deal on a 7.5hp robin. I want to replace my tecumseh h60. Is this a good swap? I will need to have the shaft turned to 3/4inch. The engine looks like new ,it came off of a generator. My tractor is a old one. I would like to hot rod it a...
  14. I

    Wisconsin robin polished out....

    My 3.5 hp wisconsin robin polished out......
  15. N

    Manco steaker 4hp robin governor removal. HELP

    The screw that prevents the throttle arm from going in all the way is removed. It goes up to speed fast then kinda stay flat with mid rpms and every now and then a burst of high rpm. How do i remove the governor on a manco streaker robin 4hp. Pictures will help.
  16. S

    Robin EC 10 parts needed

    Need a recoil starter for an EC 10D, someone have a parts motor?
  17. Rebuildfordad

    Kn24 2.5 hp robin two stroke

    Hi I have an old mini bike dad and I bought about 36 years ago. This was my first bike. It's got a little two stroke 2.5 hp robin on it which I believe is a kn24. It's missing the rip start. Would love to source this part for the re build. Can anyone help me. Any help would be greatly...
  18. S

    4.5 horsepower Robin engine

    4.5 horsepower Robin engine. 3/4 inch crankshaft. Comes with a Max Torque 10 tooth 40/41 clutch.Was on a mini chopper but not enough horsepower. Does not have original exhaust. Very clean. Has been sitting a while. $135.00 Photos are in my photo section. Thank you.
  19. derekbmn

    Robin Subaru EX13 Approx 1.5 Hrs run time $200 Shipped !!!

    *For Sale* Robin Subaru EX13 Approx 1.5 Hrs run time. (Exhaust screen hasn't even turned all black yet) Near new. Starts on first or second pull EVERY time. These motors run extremely smooth. Very small amount of road rash on the corner of the gas tank ,has been touched up...barely noticeable...
  20. V

    Robin Subaru EX21 running wide open.

    I have a Robin EX21 that had been sitting for over a year. Prior to storage it was running properly but was not stored correctly. Recently I cleaned it all up and slapped on a new carb (broke the idle screw off the old one trying to clean it properly). The carb/throttle linkage is set to as it...