1. deesel

    what kind of wheel is this?

    Can some one tell me what kind of wheel this is? Its a 5" on a Ruttman washer frame.
  2. skidoo50

    What kind of mini is this?

    It has a sticker on it that says Fox,out of Wisconsin. Anybody?
  3. Toycartony

    What kind of Cat is this?

    Calling all Cats Guys I picked this up a couple of days ago. What do I have here?? My guess would be a Dominator??? All the tabs are original and it would have came with the gas tank, I have one and it bolted up to the existing tabs. The color under the repaint is that greenish yellow...
  4. markus

    what color would go with this?

    I drug the heathkit out from the back building the other day and tore it down. I'm really not sure what the outcome of the bike will be but it needs paint! so far I got stuff like the jackshaft assy, some of the brackets, and front brake assy blasted/painted and redone. I did not pull...
  5. ozark caveman

    Whats this?

    Mini Bike
  6. rustINpeace

    What frame is this?

  7. V

    Anyone know the make of this?

    Did a few upgrades to the bike but still dont know what make it is.
  8. Marlinmate

    What be this?

    Any guesses?
  9. J

    What is this? (it has 2 rear wheels)

    Hey guys I am new here and just posted an intro a little while ago. A friend of mine is looking to get rid of this bike. I do not have a Minibike, yet, and I was wondering if someone could tell me what this is and if it looks like a decent bike. I do not know much about minibikes but I am...
  10. Harleyreg

    What is this?

    Found this for sale but can't figure out what it is. The front tire looks wrong but the rest appears to be in nice shape.
  11. B

    What is this? Honda? Binelli?

    Here is another pic that I have of the minibike.
  12. B

    What brand of minibike is this?

    I had this minibike in the late 70's early 80's and I can't remember what it was. It looks like a honda mini trail maybe but I never seen one with an all chrome tank, tool kit and side plate on it. Any help would be appreciated, it is driving me crazy. Friend of mine says honda but then he...
  13. 6doggie3

    Any id on this?

  14. cumminsbayou

    Any body seen a tecumseh coil that looks like this?

    came off a hh60 it not point ingtion i dont think i look them up can't find one any where are they rare?
  15. jbrewton

    Who's seen this?

    I flew in and out of this airport this August. Russian plane crash caught on camera ? video | World news |
  16. 6doggie3

    What engine is this?

    I like how it fits inside the frame!
  17. smwtnbndr

    What is this? Old yeller?

    Found this today on Craigslist. Looking for some info. I could not pass this one up with the jack shaft. Motor plate looks like it could accommodate a larger motor since it has two sets of mounting holes.
  18. M

    Craigslist Ad. Should I get this?

    One question. Should I? Mini Bike Doodle Bug DB30
  19. old-timer

    Can anyone give me some info on this?

    I saw this on ebay and was wondering if it was rare? The info said it's a Clark Cyclops built in 1968 The seller is asking $400.00 with free shipping. Thanks for any info Vic
  20. R

    Racing Karters - Who makes this?

    Got this kart before last summer. Was said to have had a purple plate Animal on it. IMGP2004 by magoo727, on Flickr IMGP2005 by magoo727, on Flickr IMGP2009 by magoo727, on Flickr IMGP2006 by magoo727, on Flickr