1. F

    What bonanza model is this?

    What model bonanza is this and could it have come with a hodaka ace 100
  2. G

    Anyway to do this?

    I have a snow blower engine, not sure of the HP I would say 8 maybe. It has a 1" dia. shaft. Is there a way to put a reducer on that to use a smaller bore clutch like 3/4" or 1/2"? 1" clutches are expensive. Thanks George
  3. M

    Which Rupp is this?

    Found one local, I know the engine, tank and seat are not correct but there is a tag on the frame with SN 18100. Any thoughts on the frame model? Thank you!
  4. N

    What is this?

    Found this locally. Looks like an MTD tank but I'm not familiar with the frame
  5. toomanytoys

    what is this?

    This isn't the bike I just picked up but it looks just like it.
  6. rdog348

    What is this?

    Hey guys, I'm trying to figure out what this thing is. It has a four spoke magnesium wheel on it. Any help will be appreciated!
  7. 0

    what is this?

    any info on this bike would be great
  8. C

    what is this?

    i should have taken pics before i tore it down. sorry
  9. J

    What type of engine is this?

    A friend of mine just bought a kart and I'm trying to help find out what type of engine it has on it. It looks like its smaller than my 160cc engines, maybe a 125 or 110. It has a 2 part flywheel, the outer finned bit holds the pawls for the starter, and below that is what you can see in the...
  10. gizzy

    What is this?

    Anyone know what frame this is?
  11. tippycanoenm

    what model bonanza is this?

    i'm new to this forum and have enjoyed reading and searching this cool site..i have had a life long love for anything with wheels, i drive a 63 falcon convertible and ride a couple of honda 100's and am restoring a s-65 model this summer.. i've always wanted a mini bike, couldn't have one when i...
  12. delray

    whats this?

    this one looks like a bike that would take me some time to figure it out.......:shrug: only thing that i can tell you is. has a scrub brake and 5inch aluminum wheels and also the engine mount plate folds over the tubing rails
  13. ozark caveman

    What is this? I want it!

  14. T

    what frame is this?

    ive had this since i was around 7 it was originaly red but old motor had gas leak and caught on fire while riding it. i just put new seat grips throtle cable and clutch. and an old 3.5hp motor i had laying around. next paycheck going to get new rims and tires and brake. it has a paddle brake but...
  15. iatemeself

    14cc 18cc or 22cc head what is this?

    what is this? I have a spare engine laying around I think its a 5.5hp so it should be a 14cc head from a gx160... Was wondering as well if the stud kit from the predator would work on this cylinder head because the valve studs were stripped on this cylinder head... I'm going to slap...
  16. ozark caveman

    What is this? Never seen one! Maybe a custom.

  17. B

    Can you guys help identify this? is it? Thanks
  18. iatemeself

    what margay is this?

    just picked it up dirt cheap off craigslist needs some hardware aswell as a live axle hub ... anyone know where i can find one ? Also needs engine mounts and not too sure how these are suppose to look this ones not complete
  19. Outlaw Ace

    What Decanter is this?

    Got this lamp in a deal and cannot find what decanter it is. I've searched the internet and cannot find this Caped Man decanter. Mine has no chips or cracks outside the wooden base. Anyone know?
  20. iatemeself

    wtf is this?

    Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with got disc brakes and "suspension" also live axle, got it for 137$ with a non working gx200, but theres a problem look at this pic Uploaded with the valves he over tightened them way too...