1. rdog348

    What Is This?

    I was looking through snowmobile videos, and came across this quad-like sled. What is it? Its at :21 seconds of the video, I think I linked it so it shows when you click on it. Vintage sleds - YouTube
  2. A

    What is this? Is it a Murray?

    Just picked up this mini. Wondering what it is? Anyone know where I can find a front fender for it? It needed a throttle grip and cable. I put on a universal grip and cable and it runs great. 5 hp Tecumseh starts on 3rd pull and idles smooth. Also, is there supposed to be a chain guard on...
  3. N

    What mini chopper is this?

    Any idea what bike this is?
  4. M

    What model bonanza is this?

    Here is a photo of my bonanza. I don't think that is the original tank. Number plate on front of frame says 70 3059. Fenders are red to match the tank, but are metallic blue underneath.
  5. G

    What model is this? Help needed

    Hi, Brand new to the forum and it looks like a lot of knowledge here! My friend got a minibike from his father in law that needs a lot of work. The man is 65 and had it when he was a kid so it is old for sure. On the goosekneck it says Nova. I am a pretty good mechanic but have never...
  6. Dan-E-boy

    what is this? and are the parts correct?

    Looking at this potential buy for my brother, he likes the mini projects that I have started and is looking to get one himself. Can anyone help me out on identifying this minibike and also if the parts on it are correct to it. Thanks an advance for any help.
  7. ozark caveman

    What is this? I want it!

  8. murrayeliminator

    can Any Cat guy use this?

    I bought the guard off of Markus when he parted out his ss350, and removed the Decal in one piece, if any of you cat guys can use it to make repo 350ss decals i will send it to you. but if your just going to toss it in a draw for the future i can do that.. so please only respond if you want to...
  9. Clayon

    You think I should get this?

    I found a guy who wants to sell all this mini bike and was wondering if you guys think it would be a good buy. He is asking $500 for everything except the pocket bike stuff. There are 2 complete bikes (just need some assembly) and parts. Here's the link to the pics...
  10. ratrod1313

    what frame is this?

    what frame is this? i may pick it up later this week.
  11. M

    What model Rupp Is this?

    Just purchased this off ebay and will pick it up later this week. When I compare it to pictures of other Rupps, it looks like a '69 Roadster except that it is missing the headlight/mounting bracket, missing front fender, wrong gas tank and does not have a front brake. The motor is 5 HP...
  12. 441

    Who's is this?

    I have been following this build with interest, but lost the link. Could some one please post the link to the tread. Here is a photo. Thank you.
  13. Scottessey

    what is this?

    Hey Fellas, can you ID this for me? Thanks! :thumbsup:
  14. ozark caveman

    What Is This?

  15. ozark caveman

    What Is This?

    Anyone know?
  16. W

    What is this?

    So yesterday I picked up a tecumseh engine and a 5 hp briggs. With in a few mins I got both to fire. The guy I got them from said the tecumseh leaked gas very badly from underneath the carb. I have no idea what kind of tecumseh this is or what I need to do to complete this engine.
  17. Motra

    What's this?

    Here's one to test your knowledge. Let's see who can get this one right.
  18. bandit77

    what is this?

    what is this?
  19. turftech 1

    Did one of you write this?

    I was reading the reviews on the HF site for the 212 Predator. This one was so funny, I just had to share it. Wonder if it was someone here??? By James from Texas About Me: Casual Do-It-Yourselfer Comments about Predator 212 cc OHV Horizontal Shaft Gas Engine - Certified for All...