1. J

    Help! What is this?

    Picked this bke up tonight for 30.00 Anyone have any idea the make/model of this mini? It has a foot brake on the left side of the bike. A metal plate comes up and drags against the back tire.
  2. tundrabeagle3

    What kind of bike is this?

    Im guessing its a cat of some kind what do you guys think?
  3. T

    Can anyone id this?

    My son and I went to a car swap meet this weekend. We came home with this. Does anyone have any idea what it is? It has an unreadable id plate on the engine mount. Thanks guys!
  4. tiemishuu

    Who can build a home for this?

    I have rebuilt a Wisconsin S8-D (thank you Neck for helping me identify this engine) and I want to know who here from somewhere around my area would be able to build me a drag style frame for this :smile:? Will not be a right now thing but sometime in the next few months when I can get cash...
  5. M

    what kind of bike is this?

    Im pretty new to this. I cant find any markings on the bike. Its pretty cool. I stripped it down painted it and am currently working on building another motor for it, but the 3hp B&G gets it around pretty well. But if someone can identify the bike I would love to know Thanks, Morgan
  6. deesel

    what kind is this?

    What kind is this minibike. A friend just got it and put a predator in it.
  7. J

    What type of Kart is this?

    Hey all, I'm knew to this Karting hobby and recently bought and modified a supposed Rupp Go Kart for my 8 year old son. My issue is that I can't find any Rupp Karts that have the same rear end as my Kart has. The nose and overall frame appear the same, but the rear of the frame appears to extend...
  8. Marlinmate

    What is this?

    Any takers?
  9. J

    What is this?

    My hands are quickly becoming full with many minibike projects! Anyhow another friend brought me this today, he got it for $50! It needs some love for sure though. Any ideas as to what it is? It has a tecumseh 4hp engine and a torque a verter, thanks for your infinite knowledge in advance.
  10. F

    What is this?

    Any one know what type of mini bike I have?
  11. M

    What Cat model is this?

    What model? What's correct/not correct? Thanks!
  12. Stangrcr1

    what is this?

    What is it? Listed on CL as 1960's vintage, but doubt it.
  13. Dave Thacker

    What Year/Model Rupp Is This?

    This unit was purchased with wheels (only rear wheel was original) for $75. Finding parts means I need to know the year at least. I saw a photo of a C-350 and It looks very similar. Wad-ya-think? Including photo of rear brake plate as there seems to be a split in model years depending on...
  14. J

    What is this?

    A good friend of mine just picked this up, I have already stripped it down, and have big plans for it...... But what is it lol? does anyone know?
  15. Marlinmate

    What is this?

    Any guesses? Cause I don't know
  16. M

    What is this?

    Does anyone know what this is?
  17. M

    What model go kart is this?

    I picked this up from my significant others father. It says it's a "bird" go kart and has the serial on back of seat... It has a fiberglass shell with it, but I do not know the model name, and or the type of tec. Engine that's on it. It needs a carb and without the model or engine type Idk...
  18. M

    What motor is this?

    Briggs and stratton 2hp I know I would like to know what year etc Numbers are 60102 0301 01 7008123 Thanks Tim Coos Bay, Oregon
  19. oldsledz

    What was this?

    I got this in a package deal today, anyone know what it started life as? It probably will be for sale soon, the tires are junk, has anyone ever had this type of tire foam filled?
  20. Scottessey

    What is this?

    Hey Fellas, My buddy that wants to get a minibike for him and his son to fix up sent me this pic of a bike a friend wants to sell him. I'm wondering what it is and if it could be a homemade. His friend said he wants $100 for it. So, I told him I'd see if I can find out what it is and then...