1. Z

    Baja Warrior with 11hp Honda

    Soooo I've picked up a Baja Warrior with this 11hp Honda on it. It has no chain, clutch, TQ or anything. I'm trying to figure out the best way to get it moving. I see that there are some TAV2's on Ebay that claim to be able to handle up to 11hp, but idk about that. That's one option. Another...
  2. Alsport Baja Cub MTS30

    Alsport Baja Cub MTS30

    Alsport Baja cub
  3. Alsport Baja Cub MTS30

    Alsport Baja Cub MTS30

    Alsport Baja cub
  4. Alsport Baja Cub MTS30

    Alsport Baja Cub MTS30

    Alsport Baja cub
  5. deezildennis

    Glutton for Punishment.... Baja Heat project.

    I Picked this thing up for dirt cheap. It was hour away or so so I bought it and stripped it in their driveway and stuffed it into my car. I wanted a bigger mini bike with cushy tires for my wife and I to cruise our land with and this came up so I snagged it. Has had the stock engine plate...
  6. A

    Sorta new MB200 owner

    I've actually had the mini for a year, it's the older "Trailmaster Monster Dog II". Basically it's an MB200 with the front and rear shocks and a torque converter. Anyway, mods so far include: 1. Pleated air filter. 2. New header and muffler, and dig the repurposed muffler guard I took off the...
  7. jaimenv

    Just got this mini baja and can't figure out

    What hp engine it has. Is there a way of telling if it is a 5.5 or a 6.5 hp. It runs as is and the lights work, it has a jackshaft setup I am going to get rid off and install a chino TAV. Appreciate any hints on the jackshaft to tav swap. Its missing the chain guard any idea where to...
  8. E

    Predator 212 Swap on Baja Dirtbug - engine vibrations

    So I swapped a Predator 212 onto a Baja Dirtbug and it runs great. Used an engine mounting plate and it fits very tight but fits and works. But the engine shakes so bad at 1/4 - 1/2 throttle. It shakes so bad that it throws the chain. Any idea why this could be? I read that it could be because...
  9. Harquebus

    Baja MB200/ MB165/Warrior Fenders

    Need a set of fenders, front and rear for this thing that followed me home.
  10. R

    Bolt for steering stem

    Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone knew where to get a M10x1.5x200mm bolt. I currently have a 170mm bolt on my steering stem. And long story short, I need a 200mm one. (current bolt is about 6 7/8 long, I can make 7 3/4 work) I was wondering if anyone knew where to get one, or even better; if...
  11. D

    Reliable torque converter for Baja MB200 GC

    I would call my project a Frankenstien or Zombie Baja MB200 GC. After 2 quarts of mineral spirits and a week of cleaning off an adolescent paint job I have a very pristine and like new Baja MB200 rolling chassis. The tires of which still have full whiskers on them. The original engine has...

    Baja doodle bug mini bike

    Hello, I am looking for a BAJA DOODLE BUG MINI BIKE. A complete or a roller would be perfect. Located in Levittown, Pa if anyone has anything local. Thank you.
  13. electra_boogaloo

    fender bending?

    so it's come time to mount the fenders on my franken-warrior. i have the original fenders. they're kind of beat up but still solid. i was originally going to cut the fender to make it look cooler but since i've been riding in the yard (and doggo poops) i've decided that instead of trimming the...
  14. M

    Baja Heat

    Hey guys i have a Baja Heat Mini-Bike with everything original/stock (Even the Tires!) It still has all of the decals and everything looks good, not great but still good. I am not sure what to price this at but i believe 500 or best offer is reasonable. please contact me with any questions, i...
  15. Possom point

    Baja heat "reconstructed"

    Hey everyone, I have yet another project that I'm starting today. Picked this Baja up last year from CL for $100 near me. I'm going to be putting a hemi 212 on it with the air filter and jet kit, along with a TAV from OldMiniBikes. As you can see someone put the blue greyhound motor on it. So that...
  16. L

    New to this mini bike thing. Just bought a Baja Warrior

    Good morning all. Recently bought a camo Baja Warrior. I admit I am new to this mini bike thing but have always wanted one since I was a kid. Funny how even at 40 you still like to fulfill the things you wanted as a kid. So far on the mini bike I have adjusted the throttle stop screw and...
  17. electra_boogaloo

    WANTED charging coil, flywheel, impeller from original baja warrior engine

    As stated, i need a complete charging system from a baja warrior engine. i need the charging coils, the flywheel with the magnets and the shorter finned impeller to go on my predator 212 engine. i'm trying to do the mod that's in the video below.
  18. B

    New Guy with a Herd of Baja MB165s...

    Hello All! Long time lurker first time registering and posting. I learned a ton of information from the forum over the years as I pieced together four Baja MB165s and modified them all with Comet TAVs. Two were basket cases and two were mostly complete. When I started with the first one I...
  19. G

    Baja Tires

    I'm having trouble finding many tire options online. Google searches return very little, which is surprising to me. I currently have 19x7-8 sized tires on my bike. I'm open to other sizes (would prefer wider) and have googled a few other sizes in addition to the current, but am having little...
  20. G

    Painting Baja

    I'm looking to repaint my Baja. I'm wanting about the easiest method possible, but I also want to make sure my efforts aren't wasted in a poor product in a couple years. So what's a good approach and paint to use? I'm thinking... 1. Clean existing surface. Use steel wool to remove any...