1. G

    Which Baja

    How can I ID which baja model I have? I have the VIN number, "delta"LEEP JPB6......"delta" Any help would be appreciated! Thansk!
  2. G

    Baja Headlight

    I've got a baja that I'd like to get a headlight for. I want one that looks like a proper headlight that preferably mounts like the baja lights used to. My baja is powered by a Predator, so I want a battery powered light. Do I have any options out there that meet the above. If not...

    Needing handle bar plate and riser for a hawg ty

    In need of handle bar plate and riser for an old hawg ty mini bike. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks y'all
  4. Possom point

    2 Baja mini bikes in Maryland

    $275 for the both. Looks like a good deal for someone in Hollywood Maryland
  5. Acolytus

    The best way to get tires off a rim?

    I will be putting inner tubes in my DB30 tires since air likes to leak out of them. I got my inner tubes in the mail today and I can't seem to get these tires off the rim. I used a pry bar and tried to break the bead, but it won't work and I am worried I will bend my rims more or puncture the...
  6. noseoil

    Wanted - Baja warrior storage / tank

    Looking for one of the Baja Warrior fake tanks with the storage compartment. I will paint it to match my bike, so as long as it isn't too dinged or scuffed up it works for me. Let me know with private message, email, text or a phone call & we can talk about it. Thanks. tim
  7. 4

    Baja 97cc HELP!!!!

    :thumbsup:Hey guys, New to this site and currently building a doodlebug for my twin boys. So the linkage was gone from the 97cc engine and i have been buying parts little by little but unsure what is needed next. I searched the site looking for info with no luck. So the piece that I am...
  8. J

    Just got my second baja, the Mini Baja, is this stock or modified?

    Just traded in to this Baja Mini. So far it definitely needs new grips, throttle, possibly a tire, seat(broken bracket), and a thorough cleaning. Headlight is missing and I haven't looked in to it far enough to see if the wiring is still there for it. Has some kind of 6.5HP from the looks...
  9. Acolytus

    Picked up this DB30 last night

    Well, it has been about a year and a half since I last owned a mini bike. I got out of the mini bike scene because I was getting into the old Japanese enduros and found them to be more down my alley. I never thought I would ever own another mini bike again after I got into those...well I was...
  10. J

    Baja Blitz w/ 6.5 and Stage 1 Kit - What's next.

    Well I finally got the bike done(so far) with the 6.5 hemi predator, HRMB engine plate/hardware/clutch/chain kit, and OldMiniBikes Stage 1 Kit. Gets up goes quickly, can launch on my Kawasaki KD100M and get a healthy head start before it gets passed on the top end. This thing is a blast. Throttle...

    Older model baja warrior ??? need help

    Hey y'all, I picked this up today. My guess is an older model baja warrior?

    Older model baja warrior ??? need help

    Hey y'all, I picked this up today. My guess is an older model baja warrior?
  13. Daniel Coop

    This ain't a Baja but it is Chinese...

    Another fun (and affordable) build, it's the DB's cousin, the Motovox MBX10. I never cared much about the look of these frames but after building my daughter's Build-Off Motovox MBX10 (nearly complete) and hoping up another for a buddy, I have really come to like them. They're similar to a DB...
  14. R

    Baja cud trike sprocket

    45 tooth 40 chain bolt holes are 2 1/2". ID is 1 11/16 Anybody know where I can find one
  15. noseoil

    "New Baja"

    Got a "new" to me Baja MB165 yesterday, it's a 2004. It needs a bit of care, but it runs, so it's good. Did an oil change this morning & it looked like 8 ounces of gooey graphite came out of the crankcase, nasty stuff. Put in some new oil & ran it a bit, so it's much happier now. It sat for a...
  16. K

    Baja warrior questions.

    It looks like there is something missing here. I am about to place a order with OldMiniBikes & wanted to order the missing parts. Thanks
  17. E

    New to me Baja - Input Requested

    Hello - Picked this up on CL, runs pretty great, but the brakes needed some work (wouldnt move without the rear dragging). Got it home and rode it around, ended up finding some trails near me which i had no idea existed. Sweet. Here are some pictures of the hog. Based on my research...
  18. R

    Baja Warrior project

    Recently picked up the older Baja Warrior. Replaced tje stock 196cc engine with something a little hotter!.. I also want to give a shout out to member OND for the custom header. Thanks :thumbsup:
  19. M

    Looking for best street tires for my Baja 200. 19x7-8

    I have two Baja's. One is my beater i ride off road. The other i an making a little nicer for my wife to ride around the neighborhood. She will never go off road. Suggestions on good tires for riding residential streets. Thanks for the input from a semi-newbie. Matt
  20. M

    Looking for Jackshaft assembly and a torque converter for Baja 200's.

    Have Paypal ready, also have lots of nice adult toys to trade. Thanks, Matt