1. J

    6.5 Predator(#60363) swap on old Baja Blitz, have questions.

    Picked up an old and completely stock Baja Blitz out a field on some property my parents bought and it was missing right grip/throttle/throttle cable, had a seized clutch and chain, and the caliper was beyond repair. I got it running as-is with a little elbow grease and PB Blaster but it...
  2. Charles S

    New Falcon 200 (similar to Baja Warrior) $460 w/ free shipping

    Saw this and thought some members might be interested. 200cc Dirt Bike, with Automatic Transmission, and Recoil Start,Chain Drive!
  3. B

    baja warrior

    6.5 motor, tav 2, no other mods yet, can anyone recommend a functional chain tensioner that requires minimum or preferably no modifications?
  4. B

    Coleman ct200u and Baja mb200 share the same jackshaft?

    Looking for a new jackshaft for my ct200u and it looks like the Baja mb200 jackshaft is the. Same. Can anyone confirm this. Thanks
  5. Z

    200 cc baja warrior to 270 cc with tav..

    I have a 200 cc baja warrior and I also have a 270 w/tav I was wanting to put in place of the 200cc. anybody done it??..
  6. B

    Mini Baja Model Number???

    Hello, Picked this up today from a yard sale for $50. I collect Yamaha Big wheel's also, so I couldn't resist! Ran great and got it home- took it around the blocks a few times, and it appears now that the clutch went out already! Rev's up, but no forward motion :( The guy mentioned that it...
  7. Raskin

    baja warrior rollers/frames ..Nice projects
  8. B

    Baja build from parts. Work in progress.

    I started on this project awhile ago and posted a couple pictures. Here are some updated photos. The biggest changes will be the creating of a battery box, installation of a real tank, new Speed Racer tire, relocation of the electric starter switch and new front forks to change the look and...
  9. Baja front forks and tire

    Baja front forks and tire

    By far the most complicated part of the build so far. had to take the steering stem off the original Baja arrangement and weld it on the replacement triple tree from the Honda XR 75. The diameter and length of the Honda stem was to thin.
  10. K

    Funny thing I found after stripping a Baja Frame today

    Forum Mod: Please delete, I just realized this is a very dumb post :) I am on my LAST Baja build (so I told my wife), and I found this after stripping the frame today: Anyone ever see this? This is where the kick stand attaches. See the "HI" punched into it? Is it a message from the...
  11. K

    New Baja re-Build

    When I rebuild a baja minibike, I like to strip it down to bare metal, and powder coat EVERYTHING I can. Replacing all bearings and seals. Its a long process, and a little expensive - but the end product turns out great. (I will update this thread as progress goes until finished) Here is my...
  12. tompands

    Just Bought this BAJA..................

    And I'm looking for a little input On this thing. I do a lot of Volkswagen shows and everybody at the shows rides mini bikes, so I got me one. I like hoe the BAJA's look so I looked around and found me one-which brings me here, as your newest member of this forum. I was a little disappointed...
  13. DirtBug30

    Greyhound 6.5 hp (predator identical) Engine Problems. PLEASE HELP ASAP!

    Hey everyone! New user here. So awhile back i rigged my engine up with a 6.5 hp greyhound engine which is almost exactly identical to the 212cc predator engine. The other day i had it parked outside and i think the wind pushed it over so it was sitting on its side overnight. I think possibly...
  14. 21Actual

    Steer Bearings Baja MB200

    Hello everyone. Im in the process of overhauling a used Baja Warrior MB200 I picked up. The steer bearings are totally shot, the upper was actually broken. I cant seem to find replacement bearings for this anywhere. Can somebody point me in the right direction. Keep in mind I need...
  15. dogfoot

    WTB: Baja 200 metal fenders

    Hello, I need a set of metal fenders for the Baja 200. I am doing a custom build and plastic fenders will just not work for what I need to do. You can have my black plastic fenders if you want them. thanks --- Kent
  16. Fatboy04

    Baja Warrior

    Nice day out today so I got the Baja out that I just bought. New carb, new plug and fresh gas. We are off and riding, what a pig, my grandkids will beat me on their doodle bugs HELP
  17. baggedwinnebago

    picked up a baja dirt bug

    got this over the weekend. pulled the engine had the motor from my coleman project had a pipe that did not work for another project. cut re-indexed it rewels and header wrapped it it is hanging to dry in the one photo cause i found it is easier to install the wrap wet. waiting on some...
  18. B

    baja warrior w/ tav 2

    hey guys i have a baja warrior with a tav2, that thing got alot more torque, on take off it pull the front wheel off the ground, my question is i got a 50 tooth rear sprocket, how will my performance be if i went with a smaller rear sprocket? and what size is recommended, and where to order...
  19. New Paint

    New Paint

  20. New Paint

    New Paint