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    Painting new General Lee minibike.
  2. 20201202_171544.jpg


    Painting new General Lee minibike and parts.
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    Painting new General Lee minibike.
  4. G

    Painting Baja

    I'm looking to repaint my Baja. I'm wanting about the easiest method possible, but I also want to make sure my efforts aren't wasted in a poor product in a couple years. So what's a good approach and paint to use? I'm thinking... 1. Clean existing surface. Use steel wool to remove any...
  5. J

    Painting my old Briggs engine

    I need some help from the pros here on OldMiniBikes! How clean do you need to get an engine before painting? I know the cleaner/smoother then the better the final finish, but do you need to take off ALL the old paint? What's the best method? chemical? wire brush? drill attachment? Thanks for...
  6. J

    Flex dip painting

    Any issues or potential problems with painting your mini bike with Rust-Oleum FlexiDip
  7. B

    Exhuat painting

    If I painted a new hotdog muffler with high heat engine paint would it last? Thanks
  8. james ackerman

    Question on painting

    Ok so I just jumped into this hobby and I'm doing a restoration on a bike. My question is is there a good kind of primer for covering pits in the metal on this bike that will come out with a smooth surface and not show the pits?
  9. E

    painting my mini bike

    hi I'm thinking about painting my mini bike but I need help how do I take off all the paint and spots of rust I want the frame to look almost new
  10. bikerboybenny8

    painting plastic gas tanks??

    i recently just finished my nighthawk and did a slack ass job throwing a coat of black spray paint on my nighthawk tank... it started peeling about 1 day after i started riding haha.. what are your guys' experiences with painting plastic? any processes that have proven to be successful? im...
  11. 2SlickNick

    painting mud bug 3 wheeler

    Hey guys, I know the subject of painting has come up plenty of times here, but I have a few questions. I normally use rattle can paint (rustoleum) with a few layers and then a few layers of clear and typically get good results, that do tend to last, but always subject to a scratch...
  12. Jrturbo

    Paint the Sprocket?

    I'm in the process of restoring a Cat 250. I ordered the rear sprocket but its bare metal. Should I paint it? any specific rattle can paint? or different type? Thanks
  13. Over My Head

    Start of first Mini Bike

    Sandblasting done. Time for Primer and paint. wondering if it will look weird to not have the handle bars chromed out. I am thinking of just painting the whole thing one color. Any Advice on the wheels?? I think I got a bunch of sand in the bearings on the handle bar. here is a before photo...
  14. aranhawaii

    Tips for painting your engine?

    Anyone have advice and tips for painting your engine? Obviously, care has to be taken around entry and exit passages, as well as near gaskets? What have you done?
  15. JohnnyTillotson


    Looking for a non working and interesting looking headlight. Will be painting it like an eyeball so i want cheap and non working. The glass must be intact
  16. JohnnyTillotson

    Preparing steel frame for painting

    I've stripped this here Stellar down to it's naked steel frame and want to make sure I prepare the metal for painting correctly. The old paint was quite bumpy and whatnot. Wanted a nice smooth finish. What have some of you used in the past to get it all squeeky clean and oil free? Looks...
  17. Fatboy04

    Painting rims

    I'm having trouble painting my DB30 rims. I have sanded them and the paint kind of like bubbles. I'm using the paint and primer rattle can. Not a fan. Any help out there ?:shrug:
  18. Oyster Bay Man

    painting compressors

    Hey what size air compressor do some of you use for painting mini's? Any recommendations on make /model? This goes for the spray gun too. I'll probably hit Harbor Frieght up the road this weekend. Never painted with a compressor but I'd like to try it.
  19. gumpit

    Rattle can painting and clear coat.

    I am a fan of Rustoleum. My question is there seems to be two types of primer. Etching and the other. 1) Does it matter which to use on a bead blasted frame? I have seen paint wrinkle up when clearcoat is applied. 2) was the paint just not dry or was there a "reaction"
  20. widerider

    Taco painting question: Opinions needed

    restored my 66 Taco 22, used Kandy Apple Purple to "sort of" stick with the original in the process of restoring a 68 Taco 22, was going to go with the red, again in keeping with Taco theme, but am thinking of different colors, maybe orange, even tho it isn't historically...