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  1. L

    11:1 compression vm26mm carb, dont start

    I have a fully built clone just replaced fuel pump because the other one had a leak. Used to start in a few pulls, pull started it right after its compression stroke and now it doesnt start at all, but has compression and spark. I pull start it right after its compression stroke to just right...
  2. Sinner70

    older B&S pull start

    Selling a B&S pull start and shroud. Came off an old 6? hp engine. $15 + total shipping or Best offer.
  3. bornintheussr79

    KIK start for Clinton Engine minibike kickstarter kick start

    Here we have kickstarter for Clinton engine that I never ended up putting on any of my bikes. Item appears lightly used or as new condition. $195 Shipped CONUS
  4. Txpowdercoater

    wanted: pull start assembly for clone or predator

    needs the complete assembly thanks Timothy
  5. S

    Predator 212cc cold start

    How do they start @ 20-25F? My experience with Kohler 6.5 HP is not very good. It takes many retries with electric starter. Pull start can produce only single ignition on each pull. But at 40F it starts on first pull. Is it going to be the same with Predator? If so I guess I'll need electric...
  6. Stephen115

    Too hard to pull start

    I'm experiencing alot of compression when pull starting, at times its so much it pulls the bike off the ground. but when I get it started it runs great. any ideas? I added the .265 lift cam and flat top piston. Its also spitting fuel out the carb at times when pull starting. I thought it might...
  7. Stephen115

    WTB: gx160 pull start

    I need a gx160 pull start, I'm sure the gx200's will work also, to complete my motor. Black in color or yellow prefered (so it goes with my theme) Used is good as long as it works Thank you SJ

    Opinions on which engine to start with

    I plan to build a Honda or clone type engine with cam, billet rod, etc. in the near future to put into a Bonanza I have. I have fresh Robin/Subaru engines in 6.0 and 4.5 hp and also what I think is a 7hp Champion. Also have some older Honda engines that I believe are 5.5hp I know the...
  9. 6

    GX390 electric start kit wanted

    Anybody have an electric start kit for the GX390 that they don't need? Looking to add it to the engine on my latest project. See there are several available on e-bay but thought I'd check here first. Thanks for looking.
  10. iatemeself

    modded engine first start omg

    just finished putting my engine together .65 milled ported 27mm intake 25mm ex Molly push rods billet lifters 1.2 rockers 26pound springs Suzuki locks + retainers lightweight caps black mamba cam billet rod billet flywheel 8 degree timing 22mm mikuni + ok long story short after I put the...
  11. K

    212 cc predator 6.5 hp engine will not start

    Ok so I bought this engine about a month ago. I finally got everything right with my clutch and all on my go kart and the engine cranked Everytime first try. I drove it for about 5 mins and it turned off on a sharp turn. I unplugged the oil sensor wire and it still will not crank back up. It's...
  12. B

    6.5 clone wont start

    :confused:I tried to put a bigger carb on my 6.5 clone but it never really worked out. I then put my stock carb and it would not start... I eventually got it started . It idles fine but ater riding it for 3 minutes high rpm it starts to choke and die.... It happened frequently today and i...
  13. David wulf

    Waned pull start for honda 160

    Need a pull start for a honda 160 .
  14. mlanzoni

    Tec EZEE Start Magneto

    Looking for a complete magneto, coil, condensor, Tech part # 30550. I don't have the engine PN or SN (no shroud) but its a period correct Tec H50 on a 69 Rupp Goat. Any help, pics, parts would be great. thank you very much.

    Tecumseh kick start

    Hello,if anyone is looking for a Tecumseh Kickstart,check out ebay item #280812196905 ,someone is selling a Tecumseh 2 stroke for $95.00 BUY IT NOW and it has a Tecumseh kickstart on it.Just thought I would let someone know that may need one for a good price.:thumbsup:
  16. Minibike187

    3.5hp briggs i/c wont start

    hey guys been trying to get this engine started for the past few weeks with some few hours to spare on it. model #82232 type#0386-01 when i bought it the guy told me there was no spark took his word so i went ahead and bought a new magneto put it in and that didnt do any difference,had spark...
  17. lil indian chopper

    fairbanks kick start

    $1000?? yikes... item$140873715725
  18. Adam McGillivray

    Should i start adding billet to my gx200??

    I have a gx200 on my doodlebug with stock piston, rod, cam, carb flywheel and pushrods and it has the following mods. - KnN oil type filter with velocity stack adapter - 140 imulsion tube and 90 main jet - governor removed - 4 degree advanced timing - Mikuni fuel pump - Standard size SS...
  19. chatten63

    tecumseh BEFORE YOU START gas tank paper

    These are repops of original tecumseh paperwork for the tecumseh engines that went on the gas tanks. Tells you how to take care of your motor and maintain it $9.50 shipped lower 48 Thanks Rick