1. L

    Carlisle Slick Smooth 13X6.50-6 for drag mini bike, street racer, pavemnt cruiser

    $35 shipped obo tire is never used, however was kept in storage and has what looks like a puncture in the pictures, but doesn't go through. Still 100% functional doesn't leak or lose air. Cheap.
  2. smallbikes88

    Any street legal riders in the cleveland area?

    ok I started a page on facebook so we can all get together for rides or meets? let me know if you want in. doesn't matter what you ride as long as its street legal!
  3. W

    Fox Street Scamp

    Looking for any info on a Fox Street Scamp. Just got a hold of one, I believe that it is a 1969, chrome and orange. I and am looking forward to making it my next project. Barn find, needs front fork boots, gas tank cap, head lamp ( have bezel), seat repair. Possibly much work, do not want to...
  4. Outlaw Ace

    My neighbor just got killed on his go kart less than an hour ago just down the street

    I saw him go by a few times at pretty high speed and told my Son to look at how his wheels were shimmying, we heard him go down Tela Drive and he wrecked in the parking lot of the Red Dog Café strip club on NW10th street. My Son heard the impact but I had just started the shower so I did not...
  5. S

    This will be my new street legal project

    I picked this yamaha ysr yesterday with a clean ny title. It has a 1980 something yz80 engine in it.I think it might be a 1987 or 88. The bike is a 1987 first year they made it. I also have a 1988 ysr that I have on the road and drive from time2time.I also added a picture of a 1989 ysr that I...
  6. P

    Street legal minibike

    I live in Missouri and was wondering if it is even possible to register a minibike if you make it street legal. Do you think you could trick people to think a 212cc predator is a 49cc engine if the predator has a aftermarket header, exhaust and separate gas tank to where it looks smaller and...
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  11. Exalter Explorer

    Exalter Explorer

    Exalter explorer by Owosso BDI
  12. C

    1970 Fox Street Scamp

    1970 Fox Street scamp mini bike great bike for restoration or just to ride as it is not original motor but does runs well and plenty of power bike is not perfect but very presentable and complete $450
  13. Valocalrep

    Street tire

    So ive done some searching and looked at a few different ones, Has anyone used these tires? Looking for some decent street tires that are still like the 15x6/6 turf savers i use.
  14. CarPlayLB

    6" street tread tire 4.00x6

    This is a street tread tire, 4.00 x 6. Made by the "I don't read Chinese" tire Co. This is the perfect tire for you drag bike kids! Tire only, no tube or wheel...or minibike comes with it. To your door for $50.00 been rockin' them on the RuppRoh bike and they look sharp!
  15. HolyFrijole

    Could you ride this on the street?

    As far as I know most police would not and can not stop you from riding a lawn mower on the street. How about this with a rotary mower mounted just off the ground behind it.
  16. markus

    street legal cruiser

    Little too much going on for my taste, maybe simplified a bit though :shrug: Never heard of them...

    For Sale: Rare 1974 Alsport Trisport Street Legal Trike

    Saw this on CL today. Rare Find
  18. Davidisabeersnob

    Doodlebug on the street.

    So what's everyone experience with driving their minibike on the road? I live <1 mile from work and wonder if I'd get beef from the cops if I drove it to and from work. Texas laws say that if it has a motor, then you have to have it inspected and you need a motorcycle license to drive it, but...
  19. W

    New, barn find! Manco Thunderbird

    Just a new member, found this thing basically in pieces, rusted to hell! Today I finished the ruff part of it & got it running on the street! Next will be powder coating and paint. Curious to what year this could be?