1. DT400Rider

    ward montgomery minibike project

    I just picked up this minibike last week. Need to track down some things before I tear it apart. Front Decal? I have been searching but can't find one. I thinking of taking it to a printing place that makes decals, see if they can make one. Paint color? Same thing, peel off the...
  2. A

    montgomery ward terrain cycle

    I recently bought a terrain cycle and the left side (looking from front) wobbles? Bearing maybe? And the whole left shaft and sprocket wobble pretty bad any ideas as to what i need to replace and where to get parts? does any other rear end interchange?
  3. DT400Rider

    What Montgomery Ward model is this?

    Just picked this one up. I bought it for the motor but thinking it should stay with the minibike if it original to the bike. It is a 5hp.






  7. L

    1970 Montgomery Ward

    Looking for a 6' wheel that will match the holes on my sprocket. We are also getting a lot of vibration in the handle bars from the Tecumseh engine. Any suggestion on curbing it? I will add a picture. Hom
  8. catfishman

    mongomery ward

    for anyone near st.louis, there is a montgomery ward mini in chester IL on cl for $50
  9. J

    Montgomery Ward T555 What width belt?

    Hello everyone, I forgot to ask what width belt the Montgomery Ward T555 requires for its tourque converter. Thanks,Joe
  10. M

    Montgomery Ward

    Hello, I just picked up this little mini bike and I am tring to narrow down what it is. I do know that it is an all original Montgomery Ward mini bike, but I don't know that era or the model mumber. The engine is a Briggs flat head and it looks original. If anyone knows what this engine is I...
  11. F

    montgomery ward

    looking for a montgomery ward xe 525,no engine needed,have rupps/tecumseh parts that i would be willing to trade,;let me know whats out there. thanks:thumbsup:
  12. J

    Montgomery Ward T555 jack shaft...What I need ...

    Here's what I'm looking for.... I either have to make one,which means I need to borrow one if somebody is willing,or purchase one if anybody has one for sale. I could also "wing it",and design my own. Hmmmm...
  13. J

    Here's pictures of my Mongomery Ward T555!!!

    Here's the pictures.... I think I'll be making a copy of this trike! I need to get the driven pulley,jack shaft,jack shaft mounts,and belt. It came with the wacky looking home made engine cage with custom made "kink" bends. The pictures show it with and without the cage. I felt MUCH better after...
  14. J

    Montgomery Ward T555 Terrain Cycle

    Hello everybody,.....I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Joe,and I'v always had a strange attraction to unusual mechanical devices,Minibikes,go karts,trikes,etc,etc. My first minibike was a 1976 honda z50 (metalic blue),and loved it. My dad had a tube frame minibike,but I can't remember the...
  15. B

    Montgomery Ward Terrain Cycle Manual

    For owners of the Montgomery Ward Terrain Cycle there is a owners manual available on Ebay. Check out item 400176961364.
  16. Fat Tony157

    montgomery ward and fox frames

    I have a montgomery ward 525 frame. This was the big daddy of the ward's, had front and rear suspension. This has to be one of the most comfortable frames i have ever owned, and it doesn't even have a seat! I am missing one of the front fork slider tubes. I am asking 180$ but any reasonable...
  17. nowhereman

    Montgomery Ward mini

    As far as I can see this bike it complete and original. asking $200 Kansas City. If interested, call Jhon @ (913)948-4174
  18. monty

    Montgomery Ward T777/CESTAD Buffalo ?????

    Saw this in an add. Looks like a Montgomery Ward T777 or CESTAD Buffalo, but I have never seen one with rear suspension. Any Ideas on what this could be ? Your help would be much appreciated.
  19. M

    Montgomery Ward frame

    Im looking for a Montgomery ward mini bike frame to buy. I would like one soon if possible reply if you have one. PS. I am also looking for a tote gote
  20. A

    montgomery ward minibike brake parts wanted

    i need brake band and linkage parts plus cable for wards minibike model #GIL 13987A i am just now starting to get into minibikes and need help with fixing up mine it runs and i can ride it but no brakes. it has the brake hub and old band on it but the band is in bad shape and no linkage rod or...