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    Welded homemade fender
  2. BWL

    JB Weld piston: Dumbest idea of all time?

  3. D

    Bent Steering Tube-Cut and Weld or Bend Back?

    Hi all, Putting a Sears Roper together and coming to the realization that the steering tube has been bent forwards, reducing the rake. Forks are straight (now) but when I put it all together there appears to be very little rake. The fork hits the steering tube when I turn the bars full left or...
  4. nds1968

    Disc Brake Pucks

    What should be used to glue the disc brake puck onto the fixed side? I was thinking of trying silicone gasket sealant, or JB weld if that didn't hold up. Thanks, Nate
  5. Phil1958

    kidney bean repair

    i needed to take a break from writing code for the electronic system so here's what i did today: a while back rayvel shipped me out two cast aluminum bonanza kidney bean wheels that had chucks removed. i filled in the missing chunks with aluminum wire that the mighty mig welder deposited. the...
  6. J

    In house shops??

    Just curious if anyone else works on the mini bike in the house. I have a "shop" in the basement. Difficult to keep odors and such to. A minimum. Especially as I want to learn how to weld....:confused:
  7. S

    $*#7% up wheel mount.

    So.....I'm kind of at a loss here. I have no idea how this could happen/get this bad. That must have been a ROUGH ride for whoever owned this bike. I don't know how I didn't notice this before now, but now I need to fix it. My only thought is to weld a 5/8" spacer into a thick washer...
  8. ShapeShifter

    Springer Front End Fab for My 212 Monster

    I have been modifying a MonsterMoto MMB80. I installed the "big block" and added a torque converter which required some modification to the frame. I love the little bike so much I decided to make some suspension. It's just a simple springer design. I made all the pieces and next...
  9. Taco Loco Joe

    Taco 22 pegs

    I'm sending my taco 22 frame to get painted . Can someone tell me the length and diameter of the stock pegs so I can weld them on? Thanks! Joe
  10. P

    Adding front brake to Baja Warrior MB200

    My recent 212cc Predator install into the Baja Warrior went easily. I can def feel a little more torque compared to the stock 196cc clone that came with the minibike. At the backyard "track" area where I ride it, the bike has enough top speed even with the governor still in. I first rode it...
  11. Itype2slo

    Anyone ever weld on a rear sprocket

    Question. Before I hurt myself. I have a cool small 42tooth rear sprocket it fits the hub but bolt pattern is wrong can it be welded on? Let's me know before I wreck a good wheel. Thanks
  12. R

    Can J B Weld be used to weld on a kickstand? Chain tensioner?

    I've got a kickstand and a bracket for a chain tensioner I want to weld onto my minibike. I don't have a welder, don't know anyone that has one, and don't really want to find someone to weld these two things on. But I do have a tube of J B Weld. Is that stuff strong enough for something...
  13. wb4rt

    So, you want to learn to weld, or get better. . .

    :cowboy:Here's a link to a new youtube video series on learning to weld or improve your welding skills. https://www.youtube.com/user/FirelineTV I have gotten to know Jonathan from WeldingWeb™ - Welding forum for pros and enthusiasts and I believe this might be a great new welding...
  14. S

    MIG Welder

    Im looking to buy a MIG welder but dont have too much money to spend.. Can anyone direct me to the cheapest MIG welder with still decent quality, not a garbage welder, thanks!
  15. buckeye

    JB Weld and tank mount

    Is JB Weld strong enough to hold a tank mount to the frame? I removed the mount and now need it. No welder. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  16. trailramdan

    JB weld didnt work.

    we tried JB weld on my tank and it stayed dry for awhile. I rode it a few times and it started to get damp again and a few drips now and then....i really do not want to ruin the paint on the tank....any other ways to stop a leak in a tank? I thought someone said there is a coating for the inside...
  17. cnj01

    Bonanza weld on jackshaft plate

    Hello folks, I need a jackshaft plate for a bonanza weld on. Thanks
  18. MisterRoboto

    weld advice

    i got my lil hf 90 welder couple days ago and set it up to try it out tonight. anyway its been a long time since i welded at all so i was wondering if someone might be able to help with the results i got. when i go to weld it just flashes and causes these little balls of metal but wont get a...
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    azusa build tank

    azusa build tank mount
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    azusa build tank

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