1. My new Murray Track 2 mini bike

    My new Murray Track 2 mini bike

    Love how the key acts as the kill switch, very cool! I also love that the key looks like a lawn mower key!
  2. My new Murray Track 2 mini bike

    My new Murray Track 2 mini bike

  3. My new Murray Track 2 mini bike

    My new Murray Track 2 mini bike

    cleaned, then road a bit and posted it up for picture time
  4. My new Murray Track 2 mini bike

    My new Murray Track 2 mini bike

    first night at its new home :)
  5. Badlands

    Doodle Bug Baja Racer Completed Today!

    Soooooo Here it is: 212cc Predator Engine PMR Engine Mount Shotgun Header RLV Performance Silencer K&N Style Air Filter Carburetor Re Jet Kit 109mm Carb Stud Valve Cover Vent Breather Max Torque Clutch PMR Clutch Cover Choke lever Retainer Still have some tinkering...
  6. Basket Case

    Just a little project... Board Track Racer Replica

    Here is the start of yet another idea blowing through my head. .. I want to build a Board Track Racer and I'm going to use this Briggs Flathead. Here is the start of some motor work. As I build, I will post what I've done, hope it turns out well Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I317 using Tapatalk
  7. roccosbike

    Baja Racer

    View image in gallery View image in gallery $350 pick up only, you can't build this bike for what im asking.this bike has a 6.5 blue clone governor removed,its been jetted and piped with k&n style filter.It has a 14 tooth clone racing clutch and under the seat gas tank conversion from pro...
  8. LSCustoms

    (3) Baja Racer Doodlebugs

    (3) Baja Racer Doodlebugs, not far from me... seems to be good price compared to the others i see locally, the same offer i have made in my other postings in this section applies... 1. "mini bike - $180 (obo)" "runs" 2. Green Baja Mini Bike - $200 "For Sale Practically New...
  9. V

    Fuel tank for baja racer

    Any ideas on how to mount a fuel tank up to a baja racer? Putting a clone on one for a customer. Thanks for any input
  10. trailbronc

    Z50 cafe racer frame

    hi, if yall remember i had done a build thread on this bike, i did finish it then sold it to a buddy who trashed it:no: so i bought it back and am selling it now, already sold the motor but im selling the frame too, just needs a little cleaning and new paint, has wiring harness, coil, and CDI...
  11. leathernun666

    Baja Racer

    All there except the kickstand. Back tire could stand to be replaced. Great 6.5 project bike or get the 2.8 running right for a kid. I wont do anything with it. Local pick up on this one since I am only breaking even:hammer: $150
  12. Timmahhhhh

    Grand Prix To Club Racer

    I started with this. Then,a trip to the hardware store for spray paint,tape,a few nuts and bolts,and some spacers. One afternoon later: I'll use the 79cc Greyhound on there at first to test the durability of the pocket bike wheels. I added the plate to give it a club racer look to go with the...
  13. james c

    board track racer minibike

    here is a custom bicycle fitted with a old briggs, appears to have been built a really long time ago. anyone recognize what it might be? its yours for 400 bucks. the old owner said he paid 600 and paid shipping on top. would look great over your mantle!
  14. B

    fully street legal bar stool racer

    i just wanted to share me custom made bar stool racer i built fully street legal. with everything needed.
  15. trailbronc

    mrz50r cafe racer

    well i have been working on this for awhile and havnt posted any thing on it yet, just figured i would post some pics of where i have gotten too...it started as a very abused 89' z50r, my bro had bought a mr50 from a motorcycle scrap yard that was pretty much complete but the motor was...
  16. diesel81

    My Turbocharged Bar Stool Racer

    Just thougth i would show off my new toy i just finished. I have fitted a std billet rod, 22cc big valce head with race porting. big cam, push rods to the 6.5 clone. i have a 22mm mikuni carb but am updating to a 24mm flat side. I run 3 plate bully clutch set at 4000rpm stall.
  17. topmusclesmx bikes photos

    topmusclesmx bikes photos

    Some of my Brother and I's bikes in a huddle
  18. S

    Need doodlebug racer parts

    I own a doodlebug racer(green) and I am looking for a couple of parts to complete the bike. I need a chain guard and both right and left foot pegs. The previous owner took off original pegs and put chopper looking foot plates on it and I like the original look. If anyone has these parts for...
  19. glenn baine

    Broncco cafe racer

    i was trying to use up my extra broncco parts. i bought a broncco last week now i have more parts. any way this what i have come up with so far. it has 10"" pirelli nos. tires ,,front and rear shoe brakes on spoke rims .a new 4hp. sachs 2 stroke the frame is a stock broncco . i my change the...
  20. manco thunderbird 2.0

    manco thunderbird 2.0