1. D

    A real newbie from Wisconsin

    When I say a "real" newbie, I am meaning that I have made it 65 years and have not owned a mini bike (I don't even remember any of my friends owning one). My son has always wanted one and now he has bought a basket case and we are attempting to bring it back to life. The main issue we are...
  2. markus

    Real winner on ebay!

    Looks like a pretty complete example :thumbsup: THE CAT VINTAGE MINI BIKE-RUNS GOOD | eBay 1972 Bennet Bros. catalog:
  3. I

    Bonanza Clutch Guard REAL

    i got a real bonanza clutch guard ill offer it up here first before e pay. it has some scratches in the middle of the round part. and some dings around the mounting holes but no dents. i have the engine bracket which someone grinded on. and the engine mounting bracket the red one looks good...
  4. E

    Real Black Widow?

    I've never seen a red and black one before so figured I post it up for some input. Seems to be all there just no motocross tires? Also never saw a red engine before.
  5. B

    Think it's a real mini engine?

    I picked this up today guy said it came off a rupp? Looks to be a real mini bike engine but I'm not sure. Any idea?
  6. B

    A Real Rupp?

    I found this while stalking CL, and wanted to know if it is real, I might be wanting to get another project bike, if I have enough cash.
  7. S

    Looking for real gas tank to replace fake tank on MB165 and MB200s

    Has anyone found any favorites for this conversion to functional tanks ? I found two possibilities at Monster Scooter Parts website and am getting measurements and capacity info now......
  8. S

    Did the two speed jackshafts work real well or were they just technical gimmicks ?

    I always thought the design and implementation was super slick but I have never had a chance to see one in real life or really talk to anyone that owned one. Seems like a great idea for a rugged long lasting two speed transmission functionality ! ?
  9. M

    Real frijole or remake?

    What do you guys think? Anyone know how old it is? Or how I can find out.
  10. Fatboy04

    Not so much What is it, but What is real and What is Memorex ?

    The guy I bought it from said it is all real (ha ha) Thanks for any and all help.
  11. slmcneil

    Cat real wheel for disk brake setup

    im looking for a cat rear wheel with disk brake setup for a cat eliminator
  12. spencertrax

    KV75, my first real mini bike.

    Well I picked up my first mini bike tonight. After two trips to windber and using my brothers bikes(BigRob) I finally picked up a project its a Kawaski KV75 I think it's a 74 from what I have seen on the old intrweb. Robert and I picked it up after work tonight. He had it running within 10...
  13. C

    Is this a real HPE Muskin throttle??

    I remember reading something about them having lines so I think this is the real deal but I wanna make sure..
  14. trinik7597

    someone looking for a track 2

    real nice examples :thumbsup: Mini Bikes
  15. bboulier

    Wheelie Bar Monster for sale

    I built this specifically to run the Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap this year and achieved my goal. Ridden first week in May at the GAP and some testing locally. Perhaps 10 hours on this engine. I've not posted for sale anywhere else yet, thought I'd let it run here first. The pictures and...
  16. Sixpac440

    Monster Moto E250 for the Granddaughter ......

    My almost 6 (6-7-15) year old Granddaughter Rylee has been ridden around on minis for the last 2 years and has been chomping at the bit for her own. I'm to skittish about putting her on the real McCoy but I think she is ready for something so we just got this for her ... Here is a...
  17. JohnnyTillotson

    Apparently I do not have two Stellar Black Beauties

    Get a load of that. So now that I have it all back together with the wheels on and next to the real black beauty, its plainly obvious that this bike is not a Black Beauty. But then what is it? Was it Markus who posted that picture of the Stellar "jet" bike? That was very close to a Black...
  18. jeep4me

    Tag Heuer watches

    I picked up a couple Tag Heuer watches yesterday at a garage sale. Got them pretty cheap, I thank they're fakes. But I'm taking them to a jeweler tomorrow to find out for sure. Everything I've found out on the internet, leads me to believe they are real. But my gut is telling me fake...
  19. buckeye

    Look what showed up at my house from Meeechigan..

    Had a great visit with jeep4me,Steve, and his son AJ. Real stand up great guy!