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  1. R

    Rock Racing mini drag assembly and initial start up

    TBob frame, 25hp clone.....pleased so far...
  2. T

    Kick start?

    I have seen old kick start adds on this site , was wondering if there's on for a predator 212 ? They look so cool
  3. Twid

    Briggs raptor 5hp blower housing pull start help

    I'm doing something wrong what am I missing!
  4. B

    New Head on Predator....SO MUCH easier to start?

    Hey folks,We just completed the head swap on our modded HF predator. It is SO much easier to pull start. Any thoughts why? PREVIOUSLY- 14cc clone head (self ported and polished...first time), Mod 2 Cam, Honda .625 carb, velocity stack, Header, SS valves, 1.3 rocker intake, billet rod and...
  5. Roadsterpu

    Need Help. Clone Won't Start After Sitting

    I got hurt recently and could not ride so my mild build clone sat for 4 months. I was an idiot and did not put any Stabil in it. I recently tried ot start it and no go. So I took off the Mikuni 22 clone and cleaned it out. I took out the needle and seat and the two jets. Blew carb cleaner...
  6. P

    what did this start out as?

    looks like a lot of added stuff here
  7. J

    212cc Predator sit for a year and will not start

    The title sais it all my bike sit for around a year and will not start any ideas how I can get it going again? This engine is also semi new it was only used around five times.
  8. G

    Predator 6.5 No start

    Hey guys, just wreaked my mini bike about a week ago. When I wreaked it I noticed that my chain was extremely loose, so I figured thats why it wasn't starting, well the next couple of days later I tightened the chain, but still no start! We checked the spark plug and it was getting a spark so...
  9. M

    Benelli kick start seal leaking

    Hello Guys, I have one of these Benelli Volcano 180's and the kickstart shaft seal is leaking. Does anyone know if I need to split the cases to replace this seal or can it be accessed through the opposite side cover? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Mailman ps. Does it have a...
  10. T

    new predator 212 hemi with mods will not start, please help

    So I bought a predator 212 hemi from HF. I removed the governor and the oil level sensor. Added a new air filter and muffler and put a new ngk spark plug in. add fuel and oil. Go to start it and I get nothing. I keep looking over it but I cant seem to find what I might be doing wrong. Any help...
  11. CarPlayLB

    Briggs pull start

    Get it before it goes to eBay! Brand new pull start for Briggs 5HP and Raptor style engines with the starter clutch. This is brand new. To your door for $28.00. Turk Bros. have these at $48.62!
  12. G

    Gemini; start of a rebuild

    I have that Gemini Scrambler torn down into sub-assemblies, and thought I'd start with the forks. Got them apart to find that the nylon/delrin sliding bushings are badly worn, with one of them loose on the inner fork section. Thinking about what to use to replace them, and thought I should...
  13. Dragbikemini

    Tech 5.5 OHV Pull Start

    Looking for pull start and maybe some other items for OHV 5.5 Tech. Perfer cheap as this is a basket case gokart project that might not work out. Have Paypal. Thanks Doug. 914-494-1288 if you like to text.
  14. 1967 Tempest

    Pred 212 Hemi will not start.

    Ran great! Put it away for like 3 weeks and it fired right up. Got it out of the garage, hit the throttle and died. Now no start. Tried two different plugs. Made sure main jet was not green with ethanol crude. Gets gas and if it "tries" to start i get a back fire or a backfire through the...
  15. T

    Battery for E start on 6.5 clone

    Anyone running a battery with at least 18AH on it? This is what is suppose to be used for electric start motors. Any pics or ideas would be great.
  16. M

    1986 Z50R won't start

    I am new to the forum.... I bought a 1986 Z50R real cheap not knowing anything about it.... I changed the oil, new plug, new points, new condenser, new coil (Chinese), new plug wire, new carb (Chinese), new fuel lines and filter. Getting spark. Timing is right, maybe off by 1/2 tooth but so...
  17. B

    Does a 1.3 rocker make an engine harder to pull start?

    After the advice given earlier here, I threw a stamped 1.3 rocker on the intake of our Predator 212. Set lash carefully to .003 on each intake and exhaust. The engine is extremely hard to pull start compared to before. Prior to the clear install, it was like pulling a lawn mower starter...
  18. P

    this is probably a dumb question, but, how do I start my briggs engine?

    So I pulled a 5hp briggs from a rototiller and I don't know how to start it. It's out of the tiller (and not going back in) it's just the engine, no controls. Do I just add fuel and pull? Pull out the choke first? Open the throttle wide open? Not really sure what to do, any help would be...
  19. N

    Briggs 5 HP hard to start when warm

    I have a Briggs 5 hp Fun Power engine with an older style carb that is hard to start when its warm even if you only kill it for 30 seconds... I would often start it choked with the throttle wide open! It is often easier to start when cold and runs really strong This mini bike had been sitting in...
  20. D

    First start with built predator

    I fired up the predator on the little db30 for the first time today. I have a temporary header on it for now and waiting on a catch can and some odds and ends. Video below, tell me what y'all think. It's a 212 with a ported Honda head cut .050, cm pushrods, champion rockers, SS valves, 26lb...