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  1. P

    Engine won't start

    Hi all I recently picked up an uberscoot 2x50cc. Ran perfect. I'm a big guy and wanted more power so I upgrade the air filter and exhaust for more power. I got it the upgrades on and now it won't start.! Any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance.
  2. M

    For Sale 2 Tecumseh Kick Start Assemblies

    I have two very slightly used hard to find and fully functional aluminum Tecumseh Kick Start Assemblies. The original old Tecumseh part number is #590489. It will fit a variety of engines like Tecumseh, B&S, West Bend 820 Power Bee, etc. It was the hot set up back in the day for vintage mini...
  3. Sixpac440

    Can you extend to factory runtime on a Chevy Traverse remote start?

    The outlaws have a 2011 Chevy Traverse with factory remote start that will run only 10 mins till it shuts off. Is there a way to make it run longer? I have found info that says you can re-do the start command once it has been remote started and it will add 10 mins from the time the re-do...
  4. SimpleTom

    Coleman Sport 2.40 with working original pull start

    I'm listing this for my brother in law Matt. You can PM me for his phone number if you are interested. It's pretty much all original even has the tool bag mounted under the seat. The pull start works and the engine has spark. He is looking to get $500 o.b.o.

    212cc predator won't start...

    I screwed something up...first it ran nice.. Then it ran for a short time before it shut I can't even get it to start..I have never even rode the engine..this all happened while trying to break the engine in..
  6. E

    CT2000u adding electric start

    I just bought a CT2000u for my wife to ride around our property and find me when I am out working on our small trails etc. It does not have electric start and I would like to add it. I can handle the electric work and found a starter listed on the evil store and wondered if anyone had ever...
  7. Smeeneezle

    Modified Predator 212 and now it won't start

    So, first off I purchased the Stage 2 go kart upgrade kit for my Predator 212 that is for my Carter 2 seater go kart. Once I put on all of the items I fired up the engine (still off of the kart) and it ran just fine except the governor kept it from really opening up. So, I decided to go all in...
  8. P

    Predator 212cc wheels spiningredients as soon as I start engine

    Can't figure out why my tav2 engages as soon as I start go kart I took the linkage off of throttle but the wheels will spin on the lowest possible setting also fouling plugs like crazy and when I try to give it more throttle it boggs down and dies it has also backfired a couple times any ides???
  9. B

    Just needs a pull start.....

    sears runabout vintage minibike
  10. RobertC

    3.5 B&S stalled while won't start...?

    Hey Y'all... I was out riding our little Alsport Mts-30 trike yesterday evening and had been riding probably 15 minutes on the road....not going very fast...and not really putting a strain on the I'm going down a small incline, and the trike starts coasting at a speed faster than...
  11. massacre

    Time To Start Thinking About The Italian Bike. Or is it?

    I bought this bike from Harley's Papa, who was nice enough to bring it back to CT for me from Iron Honky. I need to build a motocross style minibike but after building my drag bike, money is not at a premium. So I already have this roller, it has big wheels/tires on it and front and rear drum...
  12. P

    Predator 212cc won't start

    I put on a stage 2 high preformance kit from OldMiniBikes I also removed the governor I set all valve lash and changed valve springs while at TDC also made sure the dots on my camera and crank were lined up installed a billet flywheel and set coil gap at 0.30 put on carburetor and exhaust and...
  13. M

    El Burro 22" Tires 8 HP I/C Self Start Briggs. $1300.00 Ypsilanti, MI

    You are looking at an El Burro minibike. It has tires that are just huge. They are knobby, are 22" tall, 11" wide and are mounted on 8" rims. Both are equipped with inner tubes. It has an Industrial Commercial 8 HP Briggs and Stratton engine. The engine is self starting, so it has a battery and...
  14. xBrent92

    16 HorsePower, 420cc, Electric Start engine. Never Been Used. $250

    __________________________________________________________________________________________ ` RETAILS AT $280 ! Powerland 16HP Gas Engine Electric Start - ` The picture i took is the only time i have seen the engine. I will take more pictures and even record a video if...
  15. R

    electric start engine

    What would be a good electric start engine to use for my mini bikes ? I have COPD and I try to start my minis but after a few pulls I'm out of breath and give up. I never ride my minis but I would like to.
  16. B

    WTB 5hp B&S blower housing and pull start

    Just picked up a nice 5hp Briggs that was used for kart racing, I'm looking for a clutch style blower housing and pull start. Thanks
  17. L

    16hp engine with electric start for 189.99 wow??? a steal?

    Powerland PD420E 16HP Gas Engine Electric Start Horizontal Shaft | eBay 189.99 with free shipping for a 420cc clone with electric start.... seems like a steal ?
  18. L

    electric start with billet flywheel

    has anyone put electric start on an engine with a billet flywheel? if so what steps did you take? I'm thinking about buying the flywheel starter ring and having it machined to the billet flywheel however I have no idea how or where I can get that done. Just tired of almost pulling my shoulder...
  19. M

    Predator 212 Governor removal now will not start

    Hi I just removed my governor on my 212 with the basic stage 1 upgrade kit. I removed the low oil sensor, got the washer behind the governor, lined the dots on the cam up, did all the wiring correctly and checked the plug. The motor would not start so I took off the OHV cover and the engine...
  20. N

    Tecumseh 8 HP 10 HP pull start, may fit others.

    Working pull start assemble for Tecumesh. Only issue is chip in handle and a some scratches in the bad over sprayed paint. $20 shipped to you door.