For Sale Lil Indian NOS Disc Brake,back Plate/puck

    For Sale I have a NOS Kelsey & Hayes back part of the Disc Brake assembly Asking $18.00 free shipping Paypal Gift option.:thumbsup:
  2. jeep4me

    Back in the Bonanza Brotherhood

    I'm officially back in the Brotherhood. I picked up this nice little Bonanza last night. The frame is solid, bars are straight. Original General tires and nice go powers. The motor is a 5.5hp Yamayoko and is virtually brand new.
  3. Bikerscum

    NorCal customizer is back at it

  4. S

    We just got the DB30 back out and it doesn't run well.

    We have the 6.5 engine on it and noticed it running poorly. We have to close the choke valve almost entirely to keep it running. It is turning the back fender black from what I suppose is running too rich. Cleaned the carb no difference. What to do next?
  5. Bonanza Bryan

    Getting Back In It What Bike Should I Build?

    Ok so finally gonna get back into minis im starting to have a little extra time on my hands and i want to build a nice runner. Heres what i have I have a MX Bonanza a Speedway Shrike, or a Bonanza BC 1300. Was thinking of building another hodaka but those can get expensive. My next though was...
  6. capguncowboy

    Gilson -- bringing it back to life

    I picked up a Gilson bike last weekend. I finally had a chance to start working on it a little bit over the last few days. It's actually in really good shape -- even the bottoms of the fenders still have all their chrome. It was just really really dirty. Over the weekend, I started...
  7. KustomKartKid

    A Kustom Kart Reunion...BC1300 Returns Home

    Well it was over a year ago that Bayareaburrito told me about this original "Kustom Kart" Bonanza on Ebay. A 1971 BC1300 survivor. It turned out I knew the seller , I had bought a mini bike from him once before. I called him up and told him I just had to have the bike so we made...
  8. Emerisk8

    Mini Bike Back brake

    Hi everyone I am new to this website but not to mini bikes. I have this back tire and was wondering if anyone knew the brand or a place to get a replacement brake for it. Any help is welcome!
  9. M

    Back from the dead, A rebuild.

    OK so a couple years ago I bought this bike from someone off Craigslist. It had a Tec. HS35 something connected to the TAV30. Took that off, put on an old GX140 from the 80s and enjoyed it for a lil...
  10. Frank Davis

    Bug Go Kart back from upolstery shop

    This is one of my current projects that I just picked up from my seat design, his work....I like it!.....The kart model has been called a Bug "Lil Red Bug" (around 1961-62), but I can't find another exactly like step, McCulloch MC6 engine.
  11. butch63

    my grandsons back

    found out his dad was slapin him around. got on a plane to louisiana & got him. turns out x-son in law didn't like gettin slapped around either:hammer::censure:
  12. rocket man

    Back from the dead

    Purchased this one cheap. Lots of new parts, lots of time invested, and she is running wonderful. My MB165 I have caught the fever of Mini bike restoration. :)
  13. I

    back to back to back shows in Louisiana/miss.

    So there are 3 upcoming shows beginning March 8 there will be three rat rod car shows with mini bikes welcomed, encouraged, event competing with show and races. March 8th in Larose,la at the Larose Civic Center the 5th annual Swamp Stomp will take place. We've been going to this show since...
  14. Txpowdercoater

    back surgery

    I've had lower back surgery twice , last time 10 years back. the day before Christmas I hurt my back again and it seriously put me down on my back in bed doing nothing. I felt helpless, sucked to lay there for so long hoping I dont have to go through the surgery again. Today is the second day...
  15. xjrock

    My bonanza back wheel what should i buy guy

    yes i need a back wheel had a azusalite but it not fat like david wulf that what he said
  16. S

    I'm back

    Hi, The site has sure changed since 2011 and before when you didn't want to see or talk about overheads, clones and foreign minis. I like the new format and how large you've grown. I'm an old fart from So. Cal. and have an unknown bike that I'm installing a HF Clone in so really never got...
  17. glenn baine

    Am back on line (twc) sucks

    for almost 2 weeks I tried to get (TWC) give me a new modem they kept telling me nothing was wrong with the one i have. so i think maybe it is my computer so (MR FIX IT ) starts poking around in place he should not go ,,,AND BAM ) i lock it up tighter then fort knox. off to get a new one...
  18. M

    I,m back ! in Rhode Island.

    Hay all, just want to get started. merrick from Rhode Island. I had two mb's when I was a kid, would be old school bikes If I still had them(too bad). In 2011 bought A DoodleBug for my six year old w/ a 5 hrs briggs & srtatien. He was not ready so sold it. I have an 07 Suzuki GSXR 600. Two days...
  19. Bonanza Bryan

    What I've Been Doing Lately, Going To Get Back Into Minibikes

    Hey guys ive spent alot of time away from minibikes during the last year or two. I've been working very hard lately. I currently have 2 jobs at the moment the first is my shop job. I'm a welding apprentice at my neighbors small welding/machining shop. The second is my job managing a 300 head...
  20. msgr19

    Back To School, Summer Recap

    While most of us still in school are starting to go back, i was wondering what projects you guys have finished, nice finds, and the like have happened over the summer. ill tell you that while i got my Tecumseh running, i still have another engine that i havent got a chance to look at yet. dang...