1. 69 Rupp Banchi project

    69 Rupp Banchi project

    engine in progress
  2. B

    Terra Floater torque converter change

    Ok guys, now that I know what mini bike I have now I can get to the real question. I need some help with what to order to replace the existing torque converter with a new one.
  3. UnorthodoxCreat

    Can I change this carb fitting?

    Anyone know if it is possible to change a fitting like pictured below? I fitting that went up at a 90 degree angle would fit much better on my bike but I don't know if it's possible to change out and if so where can I get the fitting I want?
  4. OND

    Forum Change

    Looks like the OldMiniBikes forum got changed up a bit....not bad though, I kinda like it !:thumbsup: Or at least it did on my PC.
  5. hdrolling

    Pedator 212 gas leak after jet change???

    So I added an OldMiniBikes stage one kit to my Predator 212 (exhaust, intake and re-jet). After I changed out the jet I can't get the fuel to stop leaking from the egg shell cover on the float. Any suggestions? The round gasket is still there and the bolt only tightens so much, could it be I...
  6. D

    Db30 with tav and sprocket change help

    Ok, I've made up my mind on what minibikes I'm getting my sons for Christmas. I'm picking up one db30 in the morning after work. I have a stock predator in the box to put on it. I'm going to order the engine adapter for it and get the sprocket adapter for it and run a 53t on it with a tav. I...
  7. boatguy

    Project Change

    It's funny how we go day to day working on our hobby and collecting enough projects that we will have to live to 200 before they are all done and suddenly your focus changes.Last weekend I found out that an old hydroplane racing buddy has serious colon cancer.In the 1960s he build with his dad...
  8. S

    Baja Heat shock oil change

    Hey guys title says it all. My socks are becoming a little weak and iv been told changing the oil makes a world of difference. What oil should i use and how is it done?? Thanks!!
  9. Valocalrep

    Tire change tool

    So i know we have all had to change tires over and over again, Some are rather easy and some are a pain, Does anyone have suggestion for tools that make it easier? I was thinking something like this might work good, Has anyone used one? Northern Industrial Portable Mini Tire Changer, Model#...
  10. Sixpac440

    After 45 years it was time to change the points! With pics!

    I picked up a 1970-ish Hilltopper with the original Tec H50, it hadn't ran in a "few" years. I got a $20 Chinese carb for it but it would still "dance" against the governor. Tom suspected it was the points. So I got a couple NOS points sets and condensers. I pulled the flywheel, it looked...
  11. J

    I need help with my predator!!

    ok so I have a 212cc predator with a jet kit from OldMiniBikes warehouse and an air filter from studz.... and it is running terrible for some reason! the only thing I did was change those 2 things. When I go full throttle it feels like something is holding it back... like not enough air or something. Can...
  12. V

    196cc clone swap tto Predator 212cc. What will I have to change?

    Planning to swap one of my 196cc Baha engine with a 212cc Predator. Will I have to change the clutch, or will the old one fit? Anything else I need to worry about? Thanks.
  13. S

    exhaust and muffler suggestions?

    hey everyone. so i decided to dig out my old bike and get it going again. One of reasons i put it away was because it was so loud and had virtually no exhaust, so i decided to change it completely and hopefully make it quieter. Its a Tecumseh H60 this is what I have thus far: I wanted to...
  14. G

    Handling characteristics of different wheel/tire sizes

    Have a azusa frame with 5 inch wheels and standard 350 tires that need to be replaced and just purchased TC so my old band brake setup needs to change to a rear brake setup which in turn going with a drum brake setup and will be needing to change out sprocket and such so im going to go with a...
  15. tippycanoenm


    this may have been covered recently and I am trying to navigate this new system, so I ask that you excuse me if this question has been covered......since the change over I cant seem to find my I blind? I have found other interesting features but cant seem to find my old...
  16. B

    valve train upgrade

    hi guys whats the hot setup for cam upgrade black mamba sounds popular but i seen Isky alot too got a hemi motor but havent pulled the head(or even the spark plug lol)so not sure if i have a dished piston(should i change to a flattop piston) where is the best source for all these parts cam...
  17. MarksA-C

    Soup Can style gas tank

    Hey all, for sale I have a old "soup can" styled gas tank. Came off a lauson/tecumseh lawnmower. The inside has some minor surface rust starting and the outside is dirty. About 3" round and 8" long. The filler is in the center and the drain is on the left side and built into the tank, can't...
  18. D

    Im trying to build a pretty sick briggs

    I am going to take it apart and get the head milled and port the intake and exhaust ports. Then change the cam haven't thought of which cam yet. Gonna also put a billet connecting rod in it and change the springs. Haven't decided what springs yet either. I would like to see if some things for...
  19. vwfan79

    Tire change for fat tire bike

    My dad has a sport king mini bike with the one piece Argo type tires and we are trying to switch it over to an 8" rim and knobby atv type tire. I searched around the Internet and through a bunch of threads on here but can find what I need. Can any body point me in the direction of some rims and...
  20. Bikerscum

    Briggs 3hp carb change

    I'm going to be using some technical language here, so if I talk over your head just move along, don't ask me to talk down to your level. So, I have this engine with a front tank ... and an up & down kinda carb with rotating choke.... I want to change it to a rear hangy type...