1. U

    Heald Trail Bike on Craigslist...northern Michigan

    Just posting this Craigslist ad I came across for any of you that may be interested. Trail Bike
  2. S

    Ironton GX200 clone $79 at Northern Tool ! ( $60 discounts )

    Ironton OHV Horizontal Engine — 208cc, 3/4in. (19.05mm) x 2 19/64in. (58.5mm) Shaft | Ironton Engines| Northern Tool + Equipment Get a $20 off $100 purchase here Save with northern tools coupons from RetailMeNot
  3. capguncowboy

    Northern Tools Ironton engines

    Anyone used one of these? They're on sale for $99 right now and Northern has coupons for $20 off $100 Ironton OHV Horizontal Engine — 208cc, 3/4in. (19.05mm) x 2 19/64in. (58.5mm) Shaft | Ironton Engines| Northern Tool + Equipment Get a $20 off $100 purchase here Save with northern tools...
  4. H

    New person in Northern CA.

    Good day to all. My son and myself are restoring a couple of Pak Jak's. These are hard to find to say the least. My son rebuilt one for his HS Graduation project a few years back, but it wasn't his per say. Recently he was given this bike by his best friend. At almost the same time we found...
  5. MB165

    northern mig welder questions

    Hey gang, anyone have one of these northern tool do-it-all welders, or know about them? Im interested because of the multifunction, and shop space. FREE SHIPPING — Klutch MIG/Stick 220SI 230V Multiprocess MIG/Flux Core/DC Stick Welder with Included 10ft. Spoolgun — 140 Amp DC |...
  6. F

    WTB: Super Bronc project

    Roller or complete project. I live in Northern UT. Thanks!! fivebrsdad
  7. J

    Baja Warrior still available?

    I want to buy a Baja Warrior. I can't find any new ones for sale online. Are they still made/available? Northern Tool and Tractor Supply sold them until fairly recently, but they're not available on their websites now. Where can I get one new? I haven't found any used ones close to me...
  8. F

    Any Minibike Upcoming Events in Northern California?

    :detective: Hi All, I was interested in attending such an event, looking for a Taco 44 in good,complete running condition as well as a OEM metal chain /clutch guard for a Bonanza. Lastly I need a source for numerous general minibike parts such as chain,bearings for a jack shaft,wheels,seat...
  9. J

    Northern Nevada Vintage & Custom Minibike Club Forming

    Initial Meetup Saturday July 12, 2014 at 1pm, at Double Diamond Athletic Club 9400 Double Diamond Parkway Reno, Nevada 89521 to establish interest by area minibike enthusiasts in forming a minibike club dedicated to finding riding spaces, organizing group riding events, demonstrations...
  10. D

    New guy from Northern VA

    Hi all, I'm new to the mini bike scene. I've been building motorcycles for a few years but I like anything with an engine. I have friends who have minibikes but I never got one until recently. I picked up a Foremost Golden Pinto from a guy in Jefferson PA. I'm working on it and have a parts...
  11. M

    Any one in northern Cali?

    Any one in northern Cali ride mini bike been looking for some people to ride with but no luck.
  12. Bobscooters

    Northern Tool

    Ok what happened to the minibike - go cart section at Northern Tool ? So today I went down to Northern Tool to pickup a few parts for the minibike and yeah the minibike part selection isn't great but isn't to bad and only a few miles from the house but to my surprise the section was GONE ! I...
  13. W

    Northern Tool

    Hey guys, not sure if this is just my Northern Tool but all of the go-cart and mini bike stuff is being clearanced out. I asked them why it was all on clearance and they told me the stuff wasnt selling and once its all gone its gone for good. Just thought you all might like a heads up:thumbsup:
  14. leiTm0TiF

    Northern California Group. . .

    I haven't see any swap meets or rides going on in northern California :shrug: So I started a group called "Northern California Minis". It would be nice to be able to mingle/ride with fellow local OMBers. :scooter: Join if you're in the area and feel the same way! :drinkup:
  15. A

    northern tool parts mini bike

    Hi Just got my old northern parts mini bike out of storage and added a scrub brake works about 70% so have to come up with a different type?What do you guys use for brakes? The motor is a old 1965 Briggs off a lawn mower runs very nice. well thanks for looking
  16. tjmac0967

    Custom BIG "mini" bike for sale, Northern, NY

    I have a custom built bike for sale. Everything is hand made on this bike. Has a 9hp Tecumseh, Comet Series Clutch, Disk brake which needs adjusting (never really used) twist throttle, handlebar risers, front and rear shocks, Kenda Scorpion ATV tires, and a back rack. This bike is a beast. Was...
  17. Miniwood

    Northern Tool Throttle

    The throttle assembly from northern tool relies on the top of cable to hit the casing so it does not retur too far and disconnect inside. I took back one throttle because the top of the cable end would not hit the casing. Now it's doing the same thing with the new throttle. I'm wondering if...
  18. bayareaburrito

    ATTN: Northern California Members

    Mac is having his 2nd Annual Minibike Yardsale. Saturday January 21,2012 I want to know if any of you are interested in going? We can work out the details as to where and when to meet I would be willing to drive and have room for 7 adults.. All I ask in return that we all split the fuel...
  19. C

    Northern Mini-sota because an old go-devil found me. It all started with an old $25 wizzer bike in the early 70's. Then many B&S who knows what frame minis. Then the bonana yeah a clutch and shifing. That hodaka ate a lot off driveshafts...I paid $270 for that, paper route money. There was 50 mini...
  20. patrick2260

    Northern Tool's after market throttle kit

    First, I will include a photo of another engine someone on this site sent me so I could use it to help me install this one...same set up. You can tell which one is mine and not mine. I installed this throttle kit on my briggs 5hp. It has absolutely no response to the engine when I twist the...