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  1. U

    CCS Charger pics and questions

    Snagged this so so survivor today off craigslist.i didn't know what it was other than old ( because I am) and got answered in " what is it thread" in minutes. Not sure but the Tec engine tag is telling me that it's 1971 ?? Can anyone tell me what the 12 S stamp on the frame means? I had zero...
  2. danford1

    Hemi 212 Predator no governor longevity questions

    I know most everybody either bypasses or removes the governors on their Predators. They also rejet the carb and put on a header and air filter. My question is will a Hemi 212 Predator survive running at WOT with ONLY those mods? I'm talking about stock rod, stock springs, stock rockers, stock...
  3. piglet

    A couple of lil indian questions

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me why my lil indian has only one fender. I've looked it doesn't look like there was ever a bracket on the forks. All the other ones I've seen have both fenders or none. Also was wondering the best way to clean up the wheels. Thanks in advance.
  4. danford1

    Hydraulic rear shocks and spring rate questions

    There are a couple of other shock threads going but I don't want to hy-jack someones thread as what I want to know is different from the other threads. I'm building some mini's for the build off. Two of them are Sears bikes with a swing arm rear suspension. They just have the spring sliders...
  5. K

    Torque converter instale. Gearing questions

    Hi OldMiniBikes. I just purchased a tav 30 Chinese copy with a 10 tooth sprocket. For my off road go kart. So at the moment my gear ratio is 4.8:1(10 drive sprocket and a 48 wheel sprocket) with a 13" tire. Driver and kart weighs roughly 370ish lb. At the moment on hard ground it hits the 4500 max...
  6. T

    Gearing with TC questions

    On the mini bike I'm running a TC with 19" tires and a ration of 7:2 and it rides good, take off is ok but takes awhile before I hit 40mph. From what Iv read the TC needs to be able to go into overdrive so a 72t worked for that in the rear. It's a cruiser so I'm happy with that. This trike...
  7. danford1

    Predator 212 Hemi cam questions

    I have a Predator 212 Hemi. I started looking for a cam thread but didn't find one. What is the progression from stock to wild as far as cams go? Is there a chart that shows lift and duration of all the cams? How much cam you safely run in a stock 212 Hemi? I mean using stock piston, stock...
  8. T

    Questions predator engine build

    Hi, I plan on taking the governor off my predator 212 and rebuilding the engine with new parts. Application: baja warrior These are the items I am getting: ARC rod, ARC flywheel, BP2 Grind Predator Core Dyno Cam, #26 springs, HI COMP 14cc heads, new gaskets and mikuni carb. Am I...
  9. R

    A few Heald Super Bronc questions

    Hello everyone. I hope this is posted in the right place. I recently purchased a Super Bronc on craigslist. Before even trying to start it I replaced the carb and air filter. I had to pull off the old rusted muffler, and the new one is in the mail. I then drained the oil and...
  10. J

    A few questions about my Manco Thunderbird... may need parts

    Hey there, hoping someone can help me out. I got this thing this week. I have an engine and the bike is mostly complete but there's a few things I need before I can run it. I need new springs for the kickstand and the scrub brake... I have none. I know I can make something work just wondering...
  11. A

    Manco Red Fox LXT Torque Converter Questions

    I just picked up this Red Fox with a OHH50 Tecumseh engine thats kind of messed up and I've got a brand new Predator I picked up this weekend that would be perfect for it. My first question is will the torque converter bolt directly to the predator? This is my first experience with a torque...
  12. S

    New Member with questions

    My name is Dana I have two minibikes, bc1200 bonanza and a Power Dyne chopper, both auction finds at $20 or under. Purchased them because I could fit on them. I've tried to attach some pics, but I'll have to work on that. The chopper had original wheels and Majestic seat. the seat is in...
  13. E

    HF 196cc Mild Mods and Questions

    I have a HF engine that is going to be installed in a old Speeco 3 wheeler. I will be using it on our property and hauling deer on homemade small trailer. Biggest thing is to be reliable and a bit more low end power. The current mods as follows: Governor delete. (left stock springs to limit...
  14. E

    Speeco 3 Wheeler Project and Questions

    Hello all! I have been an old lurker on here. I admiring some of your craftsmanship and thoughtfulness in your builds. I am going to start a project of repowering and rebuilding a old 80s Speeco 3 wheeler. I picked this up chealp and complete. My plan is to use this on our property and for deer...
  15. T

    1st Time Builder Questions

    I ordered the Azusa Kit with 8' wheels I'm building the bike for my 11 year old son. It comes with a 72 tooth rear sprocket and I'm wondering about different engine combos. Any info on gear ratio, torque converter and or jack shaft with the 8' tire would be great. Im just trying to...
  16. danford1

    Animal, 206 and WF questions

    I just bought a minibike with an Animal engine on it. The owner was telling me about "stuff" but I didn't follow everything he was saying. I know I have the blue coil. I think it was an addition, not stock. He talked about Animals, 206's, Jr 206's, World Formulas etc. I just started nodding my...
  17. K

    New Skat Kitty Owner Questions

    I recently picked up my first mini bike - a 1967 Skat Kitty. I was hoping to find a Cat Eliminator but this one kind of fell into my lap. I didn't realize the bike was sought after until I joined this site. The bike runs and is mostly complete. It is missing the kill switch and does not have...
  18. M

    Manco Big Cat questions

    Good Evening. Today I picked up a Manco Big Cat at a swap met. I removed the Tecumseh OHV 5 HP and installed a broken in Hemi Predator so far. I noticed that there is play in the neck bearings. Do you know exactly what bearings are used in that neck? Everyone says to get bicycle bearings. It...
  19. H

    Clutch Questions

    I just did and engine swap with a Predator 212, new clutch new chain. Engine runs,and I've got the idle screw almost all the way out, but can't get the clutch to disengage. I've oiled it, and it seems to be better but it still wants to stick. Any ideas?
  20. danford1

    1972 Rupp Roadster2 questions

    I bought a 1972 Rupp Roadster2 today. It is a project bike... not a ready to ride specimen. It has a head light on it but no tail light. I don't know if the headlight was just bolted on for looks by someone or if it came with it. There aren't any handle bar switches either. Is there a serial...