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  1. Y

    WREN mini - bike questions

    Thanks to this group I have identified my mini-bike to be a WREN. Questions. What are the correct tires to put on it size wise? Currently has a 40/3.00-5 ribbed on the front. and a 4.10/3.50-5 knobby on rear. Looks like if the rear was not worn down so much that it would not clear the brake...
  2. R

    JcPenny Cat Bike - Starting Restoration, Have Questions

    Hey guys, its been about a month or so since I've posted but I am about to start tearing into the old JcPenney Cat mini bike I found. I am totally new to these things (I restore antique Farmall tractors), so bare with me as I learn. The link to my original post can be found here...
  3. M

    70 Rupp Scrambler questions

    I just purchased a 1970 Rupp Scrambler. The engine was replaced at some time and the bike was painted yellow. I believe most of the other scrambler parts are there. Besides the headlight and the engine/carb what else looks incorrect? The original color was blue and the Serial number decal is...
  4. The Restore Kid

    Continental UA8 governor questions

    First of all, what spark plug do these things take? I'm guessing the standard small engine?? :shrug: And probably someone drilled the hole bigger and added the GIANT 7/8 inch tractor plug later on in life?? :facepalm: Whatever, it works.. :shrug: IF ya make sure to turn the plug just so, so...
  5. Truckasaurus44

    Super Bronc Questions

    So I actually was able to find a Super Bronc in NJ!! Woo hoo!! I'm 99% sure its a VT10, despite the obviously non-original 8hp Tech engine. Were the VT10's the only models with the Fat tire up front (same size as the rear)? Also, is it common for the front fender to hit on the frame at...
  6. J

    Introduction and a Few Questions

    Hey All, My name is John and I live in SoCA. I have been lurking here for a while gaining information and knowledge. I am interested in building a mini bike with my kids. I am trying to get them off the couch and their iDevices, and learn something. I think a vintage looking mini bike fits...
  7. Truckasaurus44

    Questions about my latest Lil Indian

    Hi Guys. I found another Lil Indian!! Its older than my yellow bike. The frame is made with a smaller diameter tubing and the forks are narrower. The neck is smaller diameter. I don't see any numbers on the rear axle plates, like on my other bike as well. Finally, the rear fender mount...
  8. G

    Green Tote Gote Questions

    Hello- This green Tote Gote in the pictures needs a new belt and probably a front brake. I believe this is an early B model by the way the frame is welded up. Sadly we don't have a lot of information about the clutch or whether a belt is available? Is there a cross-reference table...
  9. 5horsebriggs

    cheefta mini bike questions

    well it looks like im getting a cheeftah:thumbsup: thanks phil! so im wondering what size axles, tires, and all that stuff, what engine did they come stock with? are the strong bikes, im getting a hardtail model that has a spring on the fork bolt
  10. L

    Bonham 670 Nova tote gote questions

    Hello, New to the site. I just pulled a Bonhan Nova 670 out of my grandfathers shed that I plan on restoring. Used to ride these things in the mountains on fishing trips in the 70's until the laws changed and it was outlawed :angry: The last time this one was used was about 1979 and it has...
  11. Havasu Dave

    5.5 (160) Clone Questions

    I searched around, and didn't find an answer: Got a new clone 5.5 in a horse trade. It has plenty of power on the bike I put it on, and this motor is not worth "building." But the exhaust and the intake are ugly as hell. Tank is removed, as bike has one. Will a header and intake filter...
  12. S

    Questions about a benelli buzzer jr

    I got this while back, seems to run and ride fine. But it is boggy, and it seems i do not have the correct plug and mix right. Is there anyone on here that knows what gearbox oil to use in this? Also correct mixture? The right plug? Right now it is running a autolite 255, it is not the right...
  13. myjunk

    Rupp Go Joe questions

    I just recently picked up a white Rupp Go Joe. It is missing the air cleaner, is there anyone out there who could send me a picture of what the correct one looks like? I also would like to know how I can tell what year it is. Looking forward to hearing from fellow Go Joe owners.Thanks
  14. trailramdan

    Trailer questions

    Id like to find a old lawn mower traile and rig up the same size tires as my bronc has. Be handy to have around the yard and look neat to boot. Has anyone done this? What type of rim would I need to search for.? All of you crafty fab guys chime in!!!!
  15. G

    Vt-7 tire questions

    My newly acquired Heald Super bronc has a a turf tire on the front with square edges. Is this how it is supposed to be? I received the build paper and the picture shows a turf tire. It is kinda hard to turn. It stands up with out using kick stand.
  16. 3

    new guy with questions

    hello! i'm new here , but not to mini bikes...although it's been many years since i messed with them. i had a Hiawatha Doodlebug as a kid in the 60's , and made a few in the 70's. the Doodlebug ended up with a 9 hp West Bend , but long gone. even messed with a few go-karts anyway...i guy i...
  17. M

    New Member with Questions - Wheels/Tires

    Hello everyone, I purchased this little mini bike to take with me to Biker events. I have a Harley and this little guy will come in handy running around the camp site events. I used to race in NHRA so I'm no stranger to wrenching. This is my first mini bike and I have some questions about...
  18. W

    Briggs engine questions

    I have a Briggs OHV engine Model 115432, Type 0036-01, Code 96020149 It has a red flywheel cover I have been able to determine from a parts list that it has a ball bearing side cover. My questions are: How could I find out (without tearing the engine apart) if the flywheel side...
  19. S

    Kawasaki KV 75 questions

    Just picked a 1971 MT1 or KV75 and have a few questions. Ignition? I don't see a key, Is there a kill switch? On the handlebars? Transmission? Three speed, what is the shift pattern? All up or all down? One down and two up? Horn? Is there one? Missing on mine. Thanks Skipjaz
  20. K

    Tecumseh Carb Questions

    I have a Tecomseh HS40-55249B with no carb. I looked up the part number for the carb, and 631537 is listed, but it's no longer available. The web site said to use a 631795A carb as a replacement. I'm not having much luck finding one. When I look at other replacements, questions come to mind...