1. pomfish

    2 Speed clutch questions

    I am working on a TrailBlazer with the 2 speed, the secondary clutch says Comet. The primary I have not had off yet but believe it to be Comet as well. Engine is Tec HS50. Will be replacing the 2 short chains tomorrow. My concern is that the primary clutch floats on the engine shaft and did not...
  2. sam j

    Powell mini bike questions

    Hello everyone, I just recently found a Powell mini bike to rebuild with my grandkids. I was wondering if there is a way to find any information about it based on it's serial number. Also I was wondering if anyone makes spare parts for these mini bikes. I can fab the parts as needed but if...
  3. smudvapor

    Rupp Questions

    Does anyone have any other paint codes for the green on a 71 Rupp Scrambler? None of the codes from Black Widow work. Also, should the engine be gloss black or semi-gloss?
  4. massacre

    HS50 Questions

    Hello, I am kind of a new with these HS50 engines, I still can't believe it's a 5hp from the size of the engine and the weight lol. Motor has compression and spark, other than that I know nothing about it, I just bought it today. My questions are: Are there any performance parts like...
  5. R

    Bad Dog kits questions

    Anyone have any experience with these? I'm trying to figure out if the frame that comes with the 5 inch wheels is the same size as the frame in the kit that comes with 6 inch wheels. I tried emailing them, but haven't heard back from them. I apologize for not having links to what I'm asking...
  6. L

    What have I found here? Tecumseh h60 questions

    Stumbled upon this engine on Craigslist for just a few bucks and thought it would be pretty cool to put into my bonanza bc1000. Trouble is I don't know much about it, and don't want to try starting it without getting some recommendations from you guys on proper reconditioning so as to not ruin...
  7. bowhunt4life

    Allis Chalmers(Gilson)Bike Questions

    I recently grabbed an Allis Chalmers (Gilson made) smaller bike for my youngest daughter. I am new to the minibike world as I am an avid Allis Chalmers garden tractor enthusiast. I have a few questions about how to resurrect this little guy. The smaller bike appears to be missing the...
  8. apekillman

    4" wheel and rear sprocket help and questions...

    i'm putting together a fox sprite for my son. i want to put 4 inch wheels on it. i'm kind of having a hard time finding ones that i like. i=these ones at OMBw are decent. however, i'm not quite sure which sprocket and spacers, etc i would need to match with the wheels. the wheels...

    Need help with motor ID with other questions

    Motor was painted black, I can't see any ID numbers or markings. I think it is mid 80's (86?) 5HP, because I saw one similar on this site for sale but that one you could see ID numbers. Not sure how often they changed styles. Looking for info because if I want to change out parts or modify. It...
  10. j57little

    Rupp Roadster2 - HS40 Questions

    Two questions: 1. What is the difference between HS40 Model Numbers 55355C, 55356C and 55358C? 2. I'm restoring a 71 Roadster 2. Does anyone have a photo album of the correct HS40 (I believe 55356C) - kind of an all-sides view to check details? Many thanks!
  11. D

    Questions about my motor

    This will be my first post after lurking about for a few months now. Little background: I have never had a mini-bike but decided I am going to build one from scratch because it will be a bit different. Just so the approximate size of the mini bike is out there the tires will be 22 x 11 x 8...
  12. N

    Project Bird problems and questions

    Took the mini to our local small engines shop. Turns out its got a tecumseh snow blower engine on it. His words were.....the junkiest of junky and not very good in the summer. Should i junk the motor and put a Briggs on it? What do you guys think? Says he can probably make it run.
  13. lil Digger

    3 ''LiL INDIAN'' questions

    Hey, noob here. Tryin' to learn as much as I can about certain LiL Indian models. Been checkin this site out for years and I know there are a couple members on here that are in the know about them. Hopefully they will chime in. Oh yeah theres a huge piece of raisin pie to the first one to get...
  14. S

    monster mini mbb80 questions

    i just bought a monster bike and i backed out the throttle stop screw. i didnt notice a difference even though i was able to twist the throttle more. i was able to push in the silver bar that is connected to the carburetor and the top speed picked up quite a bit. is this being restricted by the...
  15. C

    Couple of questions please...

    I have 2 Powell Challengers, serial #4320-D and 4316-D. Wondering if someone can tell me the year of manufacture. AND more importantly, I am in the process of restoring... Gas tanks are a mess with rust inside. B&S 5hp motors, anyone have a special trick to remove the rust? I have tried a number...
  16. M

    Briggs 5hp I/C reduction gear crankshaft questions

    Hello everyone, questions from a newbie. I just recently acquired a 5hp Briggs I/C motor that I was hoping to use in a mini bike. It has a reduction gear so when I took it apart I found that it has a splined crankshaft for the gear, not the round shaft with keyway I am used to. I am a lot more...
  17. slmcneil

    General Questions

    I have this mini bike, im not really sure what it is called. I think its a cat but i dont know the year. The engine i got from a friend and i think its briggs and straton or sears, has the modle and serial, no name. I woul like to know more about the engine, and know more about the break system...
  18. JohnnyTillotson

    Making a jack shaft questions

    Ok so the paint dried enough to throw the motor into the frame and visualy see how its going to line up with the sprocket. Its going to be too close even when I install the spacer I ordered to lift the engine over the frame rail that prevents the blower housing from moving far enough over...
  19. gr8cub

    8 HP Briggs questions

    New member with many questions... I got this engine with a Tote-Gote, it's a Briggs & Stratton 8hp, on the starter shroud it's stamped Model 190402 Type 1835-03 Code 80021110 It turns over ok...
  20. M

    cat questions

    So are the slingshots the only larger frame cats that the seat has no suspension and if so what size rear tire do those bikes run?