1. S

    Seat padding upgrade

    Figured it post some pics from this evening small project. Stock padding i got with the seat of coarse went flat instantly. I cut about 1.5" of the stock foam off and replaced with 4 layers of carpet padding. Added one more half layer to the back for added tail bone support. Came out nicely, and...
  2. Rapidrob

    Lifan engine upgrade on Honda CT70

    Search engine locks up when I try to do a topic search. I see that the Lifan company offers engines to upgrade the Honda Trail 70 ( CT70). Has anyone here done this and which engine would you recommend? I bought the bike with a damaged gear box for almost nothing and was thinking it might be...
  3. TankforGod3

    Stock timing for the predator

    K guys after some working and building my clutches to work properly I was sitting around thinking about performance upgrades that could be cheaply done. as of right now I have Rlv header .035" main jet K&N air filter Soon to have 1.3:3 rocker arms gx140 E-Tube My predator is the hemi model...
  4. MotorheadJohn

    New Member - Performance Upgrade ?

    Hello: I just registered today, July 15, 2014. Looks like a pretty cool group so allow me to ask a question. This weekend I had my grandson over, his birthday was today and he just turn 10. While over we took a ride on my Whizzer, then on the HD Road King and then went and got some ice...
  5. Rollin310z

    how can i upgrade tecumseh ohh60

    i have a 6hp tecumseh power sport, what kinds of mods or parts can and should i get to make it better, like springs rods airfilter gas govner or remove it, new carb also will a 5hp head on a 6hp do any good, and where can i get these parts all i run into are parts for honda or predator
  6. K

    Engine upgrade, but milder than a Predator...

    Hi all! New here and new to minibikes in general. Picked up up a 97cc DB over the holidays and have been enjoying it a bunch. I've been recently toying with the idea of an engine upgrade and have come across the 6.5hp Predator a lot. I understand why it's such a common upgrade due to price...
  7. A

    Air filter upgrade on 212 predator

    Wondering where to hook the hoses up that come off stock air filter when changing to open performance filter. Thanks in advance
  8. jeep4me

    Predator upgrade questions

    Ok, so I made a couple slight upgrades to a stock predator engine.... replaced the air filter with a pleated upgrade from OldMiniBikes Warehouse, removed the gas tank and put a top plate w/throttle assembly in its place. I hooked up the throttle assembly to the carb using the original linkage. The...
  9. tmack1

    Toyoco Masher engine upgrade question

    Hello All, First post here. I have a Toyoco Masher 500. It's the one that Jay Leibovitch has on his Mini-doodle photo pages, and if you do a yahoo search on "Toyoco", it's the one in the images with the kid on it. We got it in August 2002, and had it at the Windber minibike reunion...
  10. H

    OldMiniBikes Server Upgrade

    The server was upgraded, we had a few issues but I'm pretty sure most of it is figured out now. If you have a problem with anything let us know. Thanks.
  11. Kingkeef25

    I need to knowwww! Predator 212

    Ok guys so I currently have a predator 212 stock on my baja doodle bug and all I did to it was by pass the governor. It is currently maxing out at 37mph. But I know ordered a 11' header with pipe, a performance air filter, and a 140 e-tube with the .36 and .37 jets. And I, waiting for all of...
  12. LSCustoms

    Doodlebug Aftermarket Wheels and HD Brake upgrade

    I had done a ton of research before deciding to change the wheels, stance and brakes on my doodlebug project. As many people who are interested in upgrading this stuff, will not know whats in a thread, I decided to make this thread on what Ive done and the cost it took. You can do independent...
  13. LSCustoms

    Predator 212cc/Hemi Upgrade ?s

    Did as much research as I could and still had a few questions to clear up... I have a couple of "carts" with products in them and want to make my order within a day or so... those that have upgraded this motor, please feel free to give your opinion or advice... am i missing anything, or is...
  14. I

    Honda GC engine lighting coil upgrade. It does work.

    I have the POWER! I purchased a flywheel and 2 lighting coils on ebay that are listed as fitting a GX160/200. I paid like $42 I think. The flywheel came with a starter ring attached. I had to remove it in order to clear the ign. coil. I then tapped the existing holes with a 6mmx1.00 tap and...
  15. K

    NOOBIE NEEDS HELP with baja project.

    Hello all! I am new to mini bikes, and this forum. I have had motorcycles, atvs, etc, and I'm very excited about my new warrior. I got a really good deal on a new one, and after a couple months of riding stock....its time for some juice. I need advice on the best stuff to get from top to...
  16. N

    Doodlebug Upgrade Questions

    Hi, I have a stock doodlebug Db30, I was looking to upgrade it simply to make it go faster. I am looking to buy the predator harbor freight 212 Cc OHV Horizontal Shaft Gas Engine (7hp). Also I heard I would need a conversion kit, to make it compatible with the doodlebug. Will the first kit in...
  17. T

    Can i upgrade my Yamaha YG-1?

    Hi guys, this is also my noob post. I have a 1964 Yamaha YG-1, my 80cc 2 stroke was well over its limit, had a fried piston, i ordered a piston and am having engine bored. As of now it will do just fine but does anyone know if i can upgrade to a bigger engine? Something to possibly get me...
  18. L

    Carb problems and upgrade kits

    Hey guys, I'm a newbee here. Nice forum! Anyways, I picked up a little Doodle Bug for $100. It was only a few weeks old. The owner was frustrated cause he could never get it to run well. Idles but dies when given gas. I've played with the mix and the choke and I can't get it to run very well...
  19. L

    Stage one upgrade kit, Bunch of goodies !

    8 degree flywheel key advance gx140 e-tube .037 main jet honda choke velocity stack with choke hold already drilled k&n filter to work with stack new header honda long studs and nuts to make it all work some extra parts I have laying aside 75$ shipped you'll notice more power...
  20. butch63

    hawg ty jackshaft upgrade

    recently the chain tensioner on my grandsons hawg ty broke off & tangled in the front chain, bending the jackshaft. i got another jackplate from a member here & i slotted the holes that bolt to the engine. i can now move the jackplate back to adjust the front chain without using the tensioner at...