1. Not so mini bike


    I have to say that the members I've had the pleasure of dealing with are top notch. Answering questions sending pics. I even had a member offer to send me parts I needed for nothing. If more people in this world were like the members of this website then it would be a better place. And it would...
  2. Rapidrob

    Who is the members who built this?

    Several years back a member here built some very interesting mini-bikes. One of them was a mini with a rubber snow-blower "tank track". Had also had a vid of him riding it in a field. Do you remember who that person is? I need to ask a few questions.
  3. Rapidrob

    LilHonda members help please

    I joined LilHonda last week ( don't start) and cannot get a hold of a Mod to OK me to allow posting or responding. I missed out on a part I really needed. Would some member of LilHonda please contact a Mod there and ask them to please OK me? Same name Rapidrob. ( Rob Summerhill) Thank you Rob.
  4. gumpit

    When good members go bad...

    What is it that would make a good member go bad? Like when someone who sells something and the buyer isn't happy they either don't respond or get defensive or worse go on the offensive. It's a niche community and I am curious what these people are thinking. Someone takes another persons...
  5. buckeye

    There's just darn good members on this site.

    Just sayin....:thumbsup:
  6. trinik7597

    caught the mass members sleeping

    found a bonanza in huntington mass pretty complete bike great price can't believe someone closer did not catch this :thumbsup:
  7. cheezy1

    Florida members

    Here is a sweet ride one of you Florida members just need to have for your collection :laugh: Harley Davidson Other | eBay
  8. M

    Family members bike. What is it?

    A family member just finished redoing this bike. What is it?
  9. jdogg

    OldMiniBikes members best "quotes"

    I've laughed my butt off to alot of members posts lately and thought it would be nice to have a thread to compile some of the best!! Here is one I believe was Havasu Dave's " I find that drinking 12 beers per day does work wonders to offset the wrinkles caused by the 30 hand rolled...
  10. JesseWulf

    Letter to Hent and OldMiniBikes Members

    Letter to Hent and OldMiniBikes Members There was absolutely no reason to Ban my brother David Wulf from this site. The banding appeared to be in relation to comments he has made concerning when the Windber Contest Ribbons would be sent to contest winners that were not available to receive them...
  11. YOOP

    Gotta say thanks to some great members

    I would like to thank Karen (Manchester) , Chad (minibikin) and rick (chatten) for helping me get a project from jersey closer to home.These members went above and beyond to help me out. Also gotta thank Randy (harleyspapa).he was more then willing to help me if I needed it.Was going to go...
  12. bayareaburrito

    Powell Brotherhood New Members

    Please Read Post a picture/pictures of your Powell also include its serial number.. I'd like to welcome rokk67 the the brotherhood..:thumbsup:
  13. COWBOY

    Trike bodies for sale to OldMiniBikes members only

    Still have a few of these nos trike bodies for sale. OldMiniBikes members only $75 for supporting members $100 to non-supporting members. Price includes shipping by Greyhound
  14. owend

    Non Members

    It could just be me being dumb??!! Has anyone else beside me, had a problem lately with non members selling and buying here? Owen
  15. Clayon

    Unknown members posting spam?

    Has anybody noticed that there has been quite a few junior members that are unheard of that are posting spam around OldMiniBikes? I noticed 3 or 4 threads in the off topic section this afternoon that were in french and spam and now there is a thread in General mini bike talk about nike shoes? They...
  16. james c

    998 members online?

    whats up with the large amount of people on the site? new advertising?
  17. motocycle

    Joined Supporting Members

    I just joined as a supporting member of OldMiniBikes. After being here for a few months, and communicating with a host of members; this was the right decision to make. Several members have given me valuable information and tips; that has helped me considerably. Even got to meet a lot of...
  18. ogygopsis

    Inconsiderate OldMiniBikes members

    For years now I have browsed through the various threads on this site where members were looking for answers to questions, looking for parts, or just needed help. Being an old timer I've always been willing to jump in when other members need help. However, I have noticed a disturbing trend and...
  19. metalhead100

    Pics of my Predator throttle for members

    Everything is stock ...but 1 spring I added hooked on cable clamp screw and ran forward to the hole I drilled in the bracket/plate....all this spring does is pull the throttle cable back to idle better.....its NOT hooked to the gov system at all........GOV intact and working....
  20. JamnJM

    Age of members on here?

    I just did a search on here if there was a thread of ave. age of members on here and I couldn't find one. IMO maybe the left side avatar box should state an age of that member so then when someone post a simple / basic questions we can know if they will need the simple / basic information and...