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    Hardly seat on a Coleman ct200u,way more comfortable.And some ammo case storage.
  2. C

    Performance upgrade(s)?

    Hi, I'm new to the site, I have a Coleman CT200U with a custom stainless steel straight pipe. Anything good to add to it in general? Thanks. :thumbsup:
  3. Stitch

    CT200U Finished with 212cc upgrades - Nice exhaust mod

    Well, it's 99% finished. Got the TAV mounted with a frame mod. I still have to wrap the exhaust. I bought the OldMiniBikes 1" go kart exhaust with screw on muffler for Predator 212cc. https://www.OldMiniBikes.com/1-Go-Kart-Exhaust-w-Screw-on-Muffler-Predator-212cc.html?category_id=704 Great deal! I just...
  4. R

    Predator 212 with air filter, jet, e-tube, and exhaust, fuel use question.

    Hi guys, I've been gone from the forums for almost two years, due to health issues and losing my internet and electricity due to medical bills, but I'm doing a bit better now, got everything turned back on and started working on my Baja MB200 again. So, here's where my question comes in. I...
  5. M

    Predator 212 governor removal + upgrades

    This Christmas I am looking to remove my hemi predator 212 governor. I bought this engine a few months ago.. Anyways I want to know what flywheel, timing, billit rod, cam, valve springs, gaskets, anything else I need... I want to know what to get. I won't need any help with installation as I...
  6. J

    Upgrades to Bird Wren for a fat boy

    Bought a Bird Wren with the hopes of upgrading it so it can carry me around swap meets. At 250 lbs., I planning to upgrade to a Predator Hemi engine and a 5" rear wheel and tire. Does anyone think it will work and then will I have to add an engine upgrade kit and what size sprockets?
  7. W

    Lifan 212 Recomended Upgrades?

    Hello all: I have a Lifan 212cc "www.brandnewengines.com/LF170F-BDQ.aspx" I am planning to UPGRADE the cam to the following: MOD2-Grind-Predator-Core-Dyno-Cams from OldMiniBikes???? my question is , Is this CAM compatible with this engine??????? are the normal gasket kits like ...
  8. CJdoodlebug90

    Predator 212cc horsepower calculator?

    Ok so I have a 212cc preadator nonhemi. And I have upgraded it to stage2-ish. I know there are a lot of jackshaft and top speed ratio calculators. But what about an upgrade horsepower calculator. Maybe someone with a little bit more knowledge can calculate it for me. Mods are: Dyno cam - mod 2...
  9. CJdoodlebug90

    212cc predator cam and springs. ..bad throttle response

    I installed a header, dyno cam, and 18lbs springs. It idles perfect but one you give it throttle it hesitates and backfires. And if you give it throttle and hold it, it has uneven rpm and like its restricted. I DONT HAVE INTAKE OR BIGGER JET. AND STOCK FLYWHEEL. .....HELP
  10. T

    tehcumseh 5 hp 197 cc help?

    hi guys, I'm really new to the mini bike and gear head scene. but i have a Tehcumseh 5hp engine that me and my grandpa got running. im just curious to increasing speed. i've looked for upgrades and what not on this for parts and didn't see a lot. maybe me being new was not looking correctly.so a...
  11. B

    scat bat

    Which rims should i get the daughter for her birthday. Astro or tri-star i don't see any other wheels she would like. She got her predator hemi for her birthday, no upgrades yet bike coming along slow. still need to get forks straightned.
  12. jeffdubb8

    Tecumseh Performance Help

    I have an H70 that I'd like to "hop" up a little and gain a few more hp from and make reliable as well. I'm not looking for some insane engine that is squeezed to the gills and needs a rebuild every other run. I'm looking for some solid (mildish) performance upgrades. I'm using an H70 circa...
  13. IJG

    Modern upgrades on vintage minibikes

    I think this might be my next project':shrug: I have a purchased an old minibike about 2 yrs ago It is a Australian made Toyoco Alligator. I was wondering the limitations I may encounter':shrug: Hopefully Before attempting the transformation mode of full on Replacement Part's & Repairs...
  14. M

    DB30 Parts and upgrades in Canada?

    Hello everyone, I'm super new to this bike, and I think mine is a Canadian Tire knock off, it is a Baja Dirt Bug LUAH starts the serial #, I require a recoil,air filter and cover, throttle cable, and chain. I am located in British Columbia,Canada. Any suggestions for sourcing parts? I do have...
  15. MGDBminibikes

    Lifan Clone 6.5 Upgrades for more torque and revving...

    Hi, I have a NR Racing Stage 1 modified lifan 6.5hp clone. It currently has: 18lb valve springs rejetted oem carb honda oem flywheel (not aluminum) aftermarket air filter no governor I'm looking to get more torque, and the ability to safely rev it higher. I've looked over the...
  16. Alba

    Updates and Upgrades

    Hey guys I'm very new to the forum. I recently purchased a minibike this past week in hopes of getting it ready for the minibike drags that a local car club was holding. Unfortunately that was not in the cards so now the plan is kind of a total rebuild. The bike has an old (probably 60's)...
  17. C

    Harbor Freight 6.5 Honda Clone with upgrades

    Hello and thanks for looking at my sale. I had originally sold my project bike on on here when my wife got sick and now realize that I have a motor and am not really sure when i'll be able to put it to use. It's a blue Honda clone purchased off of NR Racingings website brand new. It already...
  18. W

    baja warrior upgrades

    Ok, Im nearing the end of some other projects and I am ready to upgrade one of my warriors. I have 3 but I want a little more for mine. I primarily use them for around the nieghborhood and trail riding but a couple of times a year I take em to bike rallies. This usually is in a field or...
  19. L

    manco thunderbird, 6.5hp with upgrades

    Looking to sell my manco mini bike looking for 300 cash or a 6.5hp clone + 200$. Engine has 22mm mikuni carb with intake, mikuni fuel pump, 130 main 17.5 pilot (needs to be rejetted it's lean), 18lb valve springs, 1.3 stamped rockers, governor removed, new clutch, chain, sprocket, engine revs to...
  20. F

    New owner and now on to the upgrades

    Recently picked up a Baja Racer for $30 from a neighbor. It was barely running when I got it. that lead me to this forum and with help from members and A little research found the air filter gasket installed backwards and now it runs like new. But there''s your problem :biggrin: So now I've...