1. P

    Predator build questions

    So I started the build on my 212 predator and have a couple questions. 1) instead of getting a top plate throttle linkage I just got the $9 linkage kit from OldMiniBikes. Does anyone have pictures on how to install it once the governor is removed? 2) There is a bendy piece of metal that is mounted...
  2. Not so mini bike

    Taco questions

    I want to get my bike as close to original minus the engine as possible. I have everything I believe. The couple questions I did have were for a 67' taco 22 would the correct wheels be the 4 line with dots or with out. Also the clutch cover that is in the catalog pic looks like the no name cast...
  3. E

    DB 30 - Couple of Questions

    Picked up my first used DB30 (the older bright green one). It's completely stock and needs the following things: brake cable, throttle cable/twist throttle, and rear tire. 1: The brake cable has a kink in it so I was just going to pick up a new cable housing for a bike brake - make sense...
  4. Not so mini bike

    Clear coat questions

    What clear coat should I use to preserve a patina. And what exactly is the process. Just clean it and then spray or sand alittle first? Not really sure. Also for old engines with decals what do I do and what can I use that won't kill the decal. As far as to Clean it and what clear to use.
  5. 1troy7

    Powder coating an engine questions.

    So, can it be done? I have seen some on this forum. Will it last? What temps do the predators engines get up to? I sent a email and got this reply: I would have to say we are going to have to pass on this unfortunately due to a few issues. The first being the extensive masking that is...
  6. S

    honda gx160 build questions

    Alrighty guys. I figured id tell you the story/ plans and you can just jump in as i go with comments and things im missing! Thanks in advance I got a gx160 tonight with extremely low compression. Took it all apart and noticed slight scoring on the cylinder walls and piston skirts. So iv...
  7. apekillman

    Throttle governor linkage questions for Honda clone

    I picked up a fox sprite a few weeks ago that had a Honda clone on it. In my guesstimating the motor that came on it was a harbor freight "greyhound". I'm not positive because I'm not actually sure I've ever seen one. Just heard talk about them. Anyway....... The po had all the throttle...
  8. D

    arc billet rod and flywheel install questions

    Hey guys this is my first build it's a Doodlebug with predator engine six and a half horse but when I was taking the cam out I notice that the lifters had came out as well but I didn't see you which one was which? Does it matter which lifters go where? And also before I got the billet rod and...
  9. G

    Original DoodleBug Upgrade Questions.

    Hey guys it has been awhile. Well a few years back I bought two doodle bugs for my twin girls. I also put the hot rod jack shaft kits on them. Well the girls are 12 now and pretty much put grown them. My nephew who is 8 is riding the wheels off them lol. Well I am looking at doing the...
  10. J

    A few questions inside ;)

    Okay so i quickly found out that i have a Cat 400x that i bought pretty recently. Im a car guy that love anything fast so the 212cc predator it had was nice but i wanted more of course lol. So i bought a tav torque a-verter from go power sports. Had to modify the frame and everything and long...
  11. J

    New to forum and have some questions!

    Hi there! first off ill say that this is my first post and im pretty excited there is a forum because man am i having some issues lol Since this is the what is it section, ill start there! Ive searched and seen close but can anyone tell me what the heck i have?! I have such a problem finding...
  12. F

    212 hemi questions / boat motor build

    I've tried looking around for awhile now and can't seem to find basic information on the 212 Hemi. I bought a motor off the shelf at HF and it turned out to be a hemi model. I am doing a boat motor build and I just want the thing not to blow up ungoverned. Not really looking to burn the thing...
  13. C

    Arctic Climber Questions

    OK so its been a few weeks since i have been on here, i know my bad but i have a couple of questions on original climbers i would like to know what the original color of the engine was i have seen now multiple pictures where the engine is white and some are silver. in both pictures they...
  14. johnatthebox

    OldMiniBikes hi comp head for predator212 questions

    found out my rtc-6 valves wont fit in the new head. Besides the 5.5mm stem valves, is there anything else I have to order to make this work? the spring perch looks different?
  15. S

    A few questions about an Alsport

    I picked this trike up Saturday and have a few questions about it. 1.Did it come with the JLO Rockwell engine and torque converter set-up originally. 2. Why is it equipped with 3 band brakes ,one on each side of the diff and one on the jackshaft opposite the driven pulley . 3.What model...
  16. mrpat

    3hp Briggs Engine Questions

    I have this 1991 briggs 80202 engine and had 2 questions for anyone who might know. First question is that the engine runs great once you dump a little fuel down the carb. Otherwise you can pull till your arm falls off and she won't fire. Would that be the diaphragm in the carb? This model...
  17. R

    clutch questions

    Ok I got the carb problem sorted, now I think I fried the clutch. The engine pulls me along fine, but I think I cooked the new clutch. The mini bike took me down the road fine, but when I drove it in the yard it was having a hard time and when I got back up to the house, I noticed that clutch...
  18. 1967 Tempest

    Baja warrior 165 Questions ignition and headlight

    I had planned on a TAV and a pred 212 satge 1 or 2 or a pred 301 replacement on said bike. Does this bike have a charging coil on the original engine? And has anyone done the swap and kept light working?
  19. P

    Barn Find. With Scrub Brake?

    Good Morning OldMiniBikes. Since this section of the forum is so efficient at solving identification questions. What are your thoughts on this guy? The guy wants 50 bucks delivered.
  20. Coycaller

    Started the Super Bronc Project tonight

    I have a few questions 1) I am missing the driver clutch and the driven doesn't look healthy. It is a Comet driven, is that what they came with? I have access to Comet clutches at a very reasonable price where I work. Is that the way to go? 2) I noticed, under the seat on the hinge...