1. what frame is this?

    what frame is this?

    this bike has a side car on the left and has been on display in a private collection for over 40 years and has never been ridden.
  2. cattailhaas

    what is this strange little bike ?

    Bought it for 100.00 for the engine and shocks, but would like to know what it is so I can sell the rest to someone that needs the other parts....
  3. bornintheussr79

    Strange Blue Mini bike

    found this yesterday in the barn, any idea?
  4. Mike T

    Strange 5" wheel

    While digging around in my minibike parts inventory I found this odd 5" wheel and tire. It is a 2 piece wheel but one half is steel while the other is aluminum. I decided to clean it up a bit and discovered the marks. Stamped into the aluminum wheel is 1034-2 with a "O" beneath it. The steel...
  5. Sport King Eric

    Need Foot Pegs and this ones strange!!

    Ok Guys this is real, I need a left hand version of the floor board (foot peg) I have pictured above.. the last picture is of the bike it fits, it appears to be a licensed copy of the Trapper I know its a long shot but I have to try!!
  6. Thad

    Another Rupp?

    Really I wish to find out which model and if the tri stars are original. It came with a kick stand and a chain guard but no fenders! Strange! Thanks for the help!

    Got a strange one???

    Any ideas?
  8. toomanytoys

    Strange repairs

    I was talking to my Dad today about a vehicle we had at the mine that was knocking. He suggested something I haven't thought about for years. My grandfather used an old leather belt to put around the rod bearings on an old ford pick up he used to haul firewood and such around. Ran it for...
  9. C

    Strange vintage .... Goodyear frame, home built??

    Hi, New to the board. I have a few mini bikes.... 2 are just your avg mid 70s mini with a 3 horse on them. Have had the one since a kid. I came across this bike today, had to bring it home..... hadnt been run or moved in decades. Just wondering if anyone sold kits to turn bicycles into mini...
  10. M

    Strange frame

    Snowblower motor and pit bike front wheel. But who made this frame?
  11. M

    h50 strange nuts question

    What are these 2 little nuts for? One each side of the output shaft with a little white bolt sticking out the middle of each one. None of my other tecumcies has these. Thanks.
  12. rollin2

    unknown wheel and strange differential thingy

    Picked up a couple of carts and "stuff" this axle was thrown in.Anybody tell me what the wheel is?Also what the heck is the thing in the middle of the axle? It has no linkage or a place to put one.Almost looks like something to absorb shock,hell idk.Never seen either.What do you guys think...
  13. M

    Help with strange Briggs 5hp

    Can you Briggs experts help me with this one. Up for sale locally.I have never seen this style air filter before. And the throttle/choke setup? What was this on and would it convert easily to hook up on my LIL' indian saber?
  14. YOOP

    Kinda strange

  15. markus

    Strange Fox campus??

    Just got back from picking up a couple bikes, One of which is this fox campus. I was looking at pictures and the brochures but none of them (at least that I saw) have this particular style straight handlebar configuration. The forks are pretty beat, but the paint seems to match what is on the...
  16. Dick DeBuse

    Strange one at Portland

    This was for sale at Portland this week. McCulloch engine and 2 speed transmission. Anybody seen one of these before?
  17. bandit 40

    Strange looking 5hp. ..

    Nice sales pitch :out: minibike 5hp
  18. C

    Strange noise started today please help

    Well i didnt think i would have to post again so quickly. Have problem when i run the bike a little and then come to stop its starts making a whining noise and starts to almost pull a little but not much then stalls :no:. I made a video of the noise its making here is a link . by the way this is...
  19. T

    Strange idea..... wanting some input

    So, I've been looking at getting a bike to put around the yard and let the kids play on. The Badger 450 watt bike really catches my eye, its small, light, and pretty slow so I wouldnt be to worried about the children as much since they are still young. I also like the idea of having an almost...
  20. 1stlegendtx

    Strange looking. Could be Taco forks........

    :shrug:Anyone know what this is?:shrug: